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  1. NosRX1

    Companies Against motorized power sports!

    I did not realize there is so many big companies out there against the sport I love, going to have to shorten up the list of manufactures that I use! Which companies are against snowmobiling?? [Archive] - SnoWest Snowmobile Forum
  2. NosRX1

    Ford 6.7 After market Turbo's

    Hi guys just trying to find some information on who is running what for after market turbo's on the 2011-2014 6.7 Diesels. A friend of mind chipped and did the delete kit. Having doing so he has heard the Stock turbo's have ceramic bearings and tend to fail. Let me know what your running and the...
  3. NosRX1

    Out of no where a top end bog

    Hey Guys just wanting to get some info see if any of you have seen this before or heard of it. I have a 2010 M8 with the 925 Linderman BB, Boysen reeds Jaws Y pipe, pipe and can. The last ride I was on it was running great the first day then coming out on the trail there became a topend bog...
  4. NosRX1

    1981 Yamaha 440 SS

    Hey guys looking at a old sled just for beating around home with and found one of these sleds for sale. I know nothing about them the good and the bad. Just wanting to get so info and feel back on this machine. It runs but smokes bad thinking it could be a jetting thing for the fuel/oil mixture...
  5. NosRX1

    Last Trip Of the Season

    Was in McBride over the weekend had a great trip snow was about 2ft deep. Got the 925 Linderman bore back from Glens once the Knock sensor was relocated it ran like a champ! Pulls very hard right to 8500rpm! now can't wait till next year for some deep powder days. Stayed at At Home B&B and like...
  6. NosRX1

    Rene St. Onge and Geoff Kyle Free ride Clinic

    First off I must say I just one of the most exciting, heart pounding weekend of sledding in a long time. Traveled to Sicamous Thursday and arrived at the Eagle Valley Lodge, were everyone going to the clinic had already got there a day early like ourselves. Had a great night of BS'in...load...
  7. NosRX1

    Bikeman 900 BB

    Looking at putting a big bore kit in my 2010 m8, just trying to get some feed back on the Bikeman 900 kit. How hard to tune? any problems with the kit? clutch set up for this big bore? If there is another kit that maybe better bang for the buck so to speak...Thanks in advance.
  8. NosRX1

    Silver Mines

    Has anyone been in to Silver yet this year? If so has it slid yet?, and whats the creek crossings like?
  9. NosRX1

    Alberta Video

    (remember to breathe) Alberta - Travel Alberta - YouTube Great Video of Alberta thought you would all enjoy, since S&M is such a vast outdoor community!
  10. NosRX1

    Motorfist Gloves

    Recently bought a pair of Motorfist gloves the cold weather rubber palm ones..hands stayed dry but they started splitting at the seams between the thumb and index finger first day out brand new!...Wasn't impressed anyone else have a problem with these? I have since took them back got refunded...
  11. NosRX1

    A Day To Remember!

    Today is Remembrance Day, let us all take a moment and remember those who fought and died for this great country. Remember those who are still out fighting today for our country! May they make it home safe to their families. The day means a lot to me, I had a grandfather that landed on Juno, and...
  12. NosRX1

    Even Rodents are perverts!

    BOB on Vimeo
  13. NosRX1

    Looking For.........??

    First off couldn't find the area in classifieds! So this was the next best choice.....Looking for a good looking rich girl/woman who loves sledding and other things that start with S. Who is willing to support a guy that is tired of working and just wants the opportunity in spending quality time...
  14. NosRX1

    Timing Key

    Hi Guys/Gals I just wanted to get some info on these timing keys for the M8, I am looking to put a 1.5 timing Key in and was just wondering if anyone else has done this kind of thing to there sled, and if so how well did it work?
  15. NosRX1

    Woke up to Find God's country!....Snow God!

    A little snow last night has my thumb lost and not knowing what to do this morning. Its getting close people!
  16. NosRX1

    News Artical..A Must Read

    This was emailed to me and I find it really puts into perspective of the impact the Alberta Oil industry has on the whole country...Love it or hate is what drives our national economy. Extremely well written and so very True. This lady needs to be commended for this article and everyone...
  17. NosRX1

    Av Gas

    Where can I find av gas around Calgary or Edmonton, and what is the average price per liter. Any help would be muchly appreciated.
  18. NosRX1

    Where to go?

    Ok I have been out of internet for a while and my time on here is limited, So where is the place to go riding right now? whos been getting the snow? planning on going out as soon as I get back from this chit hole and put some miles on the sled?..I will check back in 48 hours come on snow and mud...
  19. NosRX1

    PPE for Iraq

    Well I finally got internet and thought I would share the PPE used for traveling while I am over here. The weather is warming up, and operations seems to be at a stand still. The people are friendly except the one's that may try to take a shot at me, or see this beautiful head as a souvenir...
  20. NosRX1

    Vote to End Gun Registry

    Here is a CBC poll for gun registry. Thought I would share this since the whole thing has cost this country Millions and hasn't changed a thing, and nor will it ever.
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