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    Globe and Mail loves all pickup trucks

    Next he's going to say he doesn't like semis either and we should transport everything in minivans. Funny how no mention of SUVs though, many of which are as bad or worse fuel economy, guess you don't want to piss off all the soccer moms.
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    Would be Funny if Biden shuts down Line 5

    Yea and try finding shop/yard space in Edmonton right now, there is virtually nothing, it's crazy how it's changed in a short time.
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    02-14 Duramax

    Normally diesel is the only way to go but with current pricing it's a tough decision to know within 1-2 years it's going to take a huge hit in value when pickups come back down to reality.
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    Humorous Kijiji Adds

    It says pending pickup now. So maybe the dipchit is the person buying it, and the seller is actually a genius to get like $15k more then it was brand new.
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    Canada set to ban sale of fuel-powered cars & trucks by 2035

    That's why they changed it to climate change, so if it warms up or cools down they got it covered both ways.
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    Canada set to ban sale of fuel-powered cars & trucks by 2035

    That battery melted what little you had for brains eh?
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    Canada set to ban sale of fuel-powered cars & trucks by 2035

    Setting an emission standard on a engine is totally different then requiring a whole new energy source to be used though, i'm sure the auto makers will have no problem having enough vehicles available by then, the problem is getting the infrastructure made to handle them so they can be used...
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    Canada set to ban sale of fuel-powered cars & trucks by 2035

    The thing with switching to EV is, it sounds good in theory to these idiots, but once you bring facts into it, it screws it all up. Anyone who actually thinks 2035 target for EV taking over even just regular vehicles exclude heavy equipment and semis is kidding themselves and knows nothing, it's...
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    Today In The News.

    Anyone who owns a vehicle without a manual door handle reaps what they sow. How stupid can you be?
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    Random Pictures Thread

    Ouch that looks bad. What happened to it? My shelter has stood through our worst storms without an issue at all, even that crazy one in the winter.
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    Unbelievable .....?

    They won't abandon that mentality because if they actually laid out all the facts virtually no one would buy an EV because it makes no sense. Not only it is not practical because the grids will never handle the load and infrastructure is not in place for the vast majority to have a decent way to...
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    Poodou Trudeau

    I don't think they need to rig an election, there is enough stupid people in this country that will vote for that idiot no matter what he does.
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    Hot week ahead

    How much carbon tax will it take to make this heat go away? Asking for a friend.....
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    Today In The News.

    No big deal to build big fancy buildings when it's other peoples money from donations, and you pay no taxes....
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    Derick Chavin Trial

    "experts" told the bias media outlet something. You actually believe anything said like that? Also don't forget he also had covid. But no one getting up in arms about him being out and exposing others to it. He was a fawking waste of skin who is better off 6 feet under. His family is better off...
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    Derick Chavin Trial

    Chauvin isn't fit to be a cop and deserves to loose that job, but jail time for ridding the world of a criminal? Nope. Sad that the media and idiots influenced the judicial system enough to sentence 22 1/2 years when it should be 0. Hopefully on appeal he gets something realistic.
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    Today In The News.

    It's going to take a rocket scientist to figure out who started those fires......
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    Today In The News.

    This is really beyond a joke at this point with this dumb motherfawker. I can't believe he can even keep a straight face with his lies. Every time I see him speaking I am preying someone is going to punch him right in the fawking mouth to shut him up. He has made a joke out of Canada, and put us...
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    Farmer talk

    If they cashed the check, I would just go pick it up, it is legally yours. I wouldn't even ask or warn them, just show up and take it. If they haven't got the money it's a bit tougher, they could claim they weren't paid etc unless you have a way to prove it.
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    B.C. is bringing back mandatory trades certification

    Carpentry is the most useless ticket ever. If someone is boasting about having the ticket, it means that they are completely fawking useless. That is a trade that can only be taught on the jobsite hands on. If you have at least grade 4 math, you already know way more then they teach in the...
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