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    2001 800 mc

    Looking for a parts unit or all I need is the braking system IE master cylinder and caliper for this sled or I am willing to sell cheap
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    Where do you keep your license plate?

    my papers and plate is in the saddle bag never a problem
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    Golden triangle

    I have been from the centre of AB to Swan Hills then to Fox Creek and return about 8 times in the the last 4 years looking forward to the trip again soon .
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    Golden triangle

    Well we are approaching another season and i am looking forward to more time on the golden triangle as i would like to do this in one day, just for the experience of it plus the time and time that it has been attempted and failed .But its been fun trying lol .LOOKING FORWARD TO ANOTHER SEASON OF...
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    Swan Hills

    can anyone confirm the amount of snow around the area and if there is any more going to fall by the end of Jan thinking of ridding there on the 28th starting at center of AB parking lot
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    01 800 mc

    I have an 01 800 mc and i will be removing the track and suspension this summer to go to a 170 ish track just for a toy to try planning on doing some engine work as well but was wondering if a turbo was better than a nos kit also what suspension would work well all mechanical work will be from...
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    Let's talk GPS

    i use the etrex legand hcx and it works realy good
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    Decal Sticker Goo

    starting fluid works real well after sticker is gone best i have used and KEEP IN MIND VERY FLAMMABLE
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    Wana come ride?...............................

    eagles is a great place to ride but no cabin but interesting
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    November Pics from the Lodge in Whistler

    great pics ride safe
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    golden triangle

    there was two of us on Sat that rode from the centre of AB camping area to SWAN then to FOX and returned to the centre for a total of 222 miles or 400 KMS we started at 930 in the am got back at 630 and decided to ride till 830 in the evening and it was great one of the better rides in that area...
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    Swan Hills

    can any one tell me how the snow is between Swan and Foxcreek and is the trail still open
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    Golden triangle

    thanks for the info may try next year instead
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    Golden triangle

    was woundering if there has been any more snow around the triangle area wanting to try and attempt completion in one day again not sure what weekend will post when but looking towards end of march. any interested pm me .
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    golden triangle

    well it was snowing and blowingwent to the centre of ab turn out on 33 staged there to avoid the ralley in Swan Hills and went looking for markers that we had seen from the White Court end which we had found and it was a very nice ride .When we had turned around because of a rocky road we...
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    White court trails

    not 100 %sure yet keep watching the postings
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    White court trails

    how are the trails from whitecourt to swanhills is there any more snow past marker 0 to swanhills want to try triangle again on the 28 of FEB
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    EDm. sled areas?

    also seba beach area good rideing out there
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    will be attemting the run from trappers cabin to White Court in a couple weeks to see how it is then will take a saw as well
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    Golden Triangle Access?

    the inlaw and i tried a couple weeks ago and made it as far as marker 0 we moved some fallen trees as we went about 25 kms from Swan hills was where we ended the trip at due to the construction ran into a skinner on the trail as well moving the snow and all was not sure to go where from there...
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