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    Boondocker Sidekick "Standard Exhaust"

    Anyone have insider info on the new "Standard Exhaust" that exits out of the existing hole of the Axys instead of doing the tunnel dump?? IMO this was always a concern as most don't like taking a hole saw to their tunnel and cutting the foot well.. This makes the base kit a lot more appealing
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    Polaris Primary (P85) stuck closed on weight/roller

    I have had this happen on my last two sleds, 1st time I thought it might be just wear items, but after the second time it must be due to something I am doing wrong, or not doing to maintain the primary. What exactly happens is under WOT the primary clutch closes on the belt (obviously) but then...
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    Cleaning AXYS Exhaust Valves

    Did some searching tonight regarding removal and clean of the new style valves on the Axys, couldn't find anything decent. Any info on guys that have done this before? Is there any special method, or thing to know, that would be different than the old model? Have about 1000km so i'm sure they...
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    Truck Parking - Downtown Calgary

    Finding it to be a PITA trying to get a monthly parking spot for over-height vehicles in the core downtown Calgary. I need to drive downtown due to my job requirements Only have the truck (Leveling Kit with 305/55/20s) Anyone on here, working downtown, that knows, or parks in, a parkade...
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    2013 ProRMK GGB Mountain Exhaust Video

    No idea where the GGB exhaust threads went... but I had this video from year end. Actual riding video not sitting in a garage revving without load. I'm not an editor type so it is.. as is.. GGB Mountain Exhaust - 2013 Pro RMK - Forester Creek BC - YouTube
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    Anyone Riding new Radium Friday Mar 29

    Looking to tag along with a group that is heading out on friday. I have all required gear and won't hold back the group skill wise. Will be in Radium for a wedding on Saturday and want to ride on the Friday before. four zero three - four 7 nine - five two 0 three. Cheers Tyler *** Post can...
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    Trac-Link™ Kit (Limiter Strap)

    So.. rode with a few XMs this past weekend and they had their limiter strap completely loose, as well as the springs lengthened as far as possible without rattling loose.. Anyway, the Pro doesn't have the adjustability for the limiter strap and the wheelie factor is huge with this lengthened...
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    Absolute closest places around Calgary to break-in and TEST Driveshaft

    Hey Guys, What is the closest place to Calgary to ride.. Is it legal here to ditch bang? I'm not looking for a long ride so don't want to drive all the way to cataract creek I am taking my sled in next week to get the A-arm recall done and I just to make sure my driveshaft will hold up. This...
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    New to Forum, not new to POWER

    Hey Guys and Gals, Just joined as I moved to Calgary and need some riding friends and good places to go. Just picked up my 2013 Pro RMK 155 from my snow check. Last sled was a 1999 XC 700 so huge upgrade. I am new to here but here is a list of what I have had and still have in terms of...
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