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    Looking for riding partners

    I am an advanced rider who’s riding group has fallen apart the last few years. I am looking to make a handful of trips this year. Love tree riding. Anyone looking for riding groups?
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    No fuel gauge on a 2019 gmc 3500 Denali Duramax

    Anyone have this problem. Jumped in the truck today and noticed the fuel gauge right on E. I just filled the tank yesterday and drove 60 k. Gauge was previously reading F when parked. Also only lines where the range should be and no fuel light on.
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    Riding mountain mania weekend

    I’m looking for someone to ride with the weekend of mountain mania. I don’t have tickets yet but would like to purchase some by Monday if anyone wants to go. I had a couple of buddies who backed out Yesterday as we were making plans. Looking to go up Thursday evening and ride fri and sat...
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    Who can go riding the weekend of dec 14, 15

    Advanced rider leaving from Edmonton who is looking to find someone to ride dec 14. I have an heated enclosed which we can travel with.
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    Anyone looking to ride

    I’m hoping to go riding second or third weekend of dec. valemount area. All of my usual buddies are out. Intermediate rider who likes creeks and trees. Have an enclosed trailer.
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    Who wants to ride dec 1 weekend

    Looking for someone to ride with the weekend of dec 1. I am a fairly decent rider and won’t hold anyone back. Would like to ride mcbride, Valemount, or blue river.
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