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  1. Hoehand79

    Finger throttle

    Just bought a munster finger throttle for my doo anyone else running these? How do you like em and what s the install like? Gonna try it out anyways...
  2. Hoehand79

    Stolen last night

    Had my 2 can am side by sides stolen in spruce Grove last night if anyone sees them let me know thanks.
  3. Hoehand79

    Hunting season is here!

    Whose with me? What are you hunting and what are you shooting with? And most importantly where is the game at???
  4. Hoehand79

    Enclosed sled trailer mod

    Well I m off to camp and plan on taking my harley. Does anyone have any ideas to make the ramp door grippy? I thought about some sort or matting or roofing shingles...I'm not worried about loading the bike but backing it out. I can't be the first one on here to do this lol any input would be...
  5. Hoehand79

    Pricey beef!!!

    Just got back from Costco and couldn't believe the price on steaks, roasts ect. I'm thinking about buying meat off a farm. Anyone know of any good places to buy like half a steer? I seen an add from a farm just on the east side of Edmonton and its 5 bucks a pound cut and wrapped not sure if...
  6. Hoehand79

    Burned by dealership rant!

    Bought a new harley from Calgary HD got swindled out of 1500 because I didn't catch it in time before I signed the paperwork. Long story short I ended up with a 500 in store credit. First oil change is due 650 bucks wow did it myself bought all the HD fancy stuff (filter wrench, drip trays )...
  7. Hoehand79

    Class 1 to pull a travel trailer?

    Just seen this, I can't even get an examiner to get my class 6 now there is gonna be another rush for class 1-3 . Wtf
  8. Hoehand79

    Class 6 road test

    Anyone have info on getting a class 6 road test or the best way to go about it or is it still a chit show at the registries? Road all last yr with no license because the waiting list to get an appointment was retarded so I figure I should try and be legit for this yr plus I just bought a new...
  9. Hoehand79

    Drone filming in allen creek Dec 29

    Anyone know who was filming out there or if they have a YouTube channel? Was at the premiere bowl almost and seen a drone flying around...talked to another group and I guess there was a bunch of guys launching their sleds and just wanted to check out the footage if possible...
  10. Hoehand79

    38 yr old pipeliner from Edmonton area bought a new 175 x

    Just itching to go riding just seeing if there is any one that i could tag along with . I can hold my own been to the back side of allen so...
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