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  1. Hoehand79

    Shortage due to covid

    Tons of shortages on stuff and has been for some time now...
  2. Hoehand79

    Anybody want too burn some fuel #2

    You don't need to spend the money on one you just need to ride with a guy that already has lol
  3. Hoehand79

    Officer accidentally shots man in Minnesota

    And the footage of the army lieutenant that got pepper sprayed ta boot could start another chit show...
  4. Hoehand79

    Stay Home Proposal

    Or get the 2200 under the table and keep collecting ei. Smoke stuff, ride the harley, get fat the possibilities are endless...
  5. Hoehand79

    Toyota 4Runner

    The wife has a 16 tacoma with the v6 and it's not the greatest on fuel and I believe the 4 runners come with the same engine. The 4 runner is a little heavier too out of the gate.Packing some weight and it struggles to stay in high gear. 110k on it and not one issue and probably the best vehicle...
  6. Hoehand79

    Justin Trudeau You Suck

  7. Hoehand79

    WATCH / LOCK your truck / trailer during unloading

    Always lock your stuff...had 2 sxs s stolen last fall was a little pissed alright but yes you definitely gotta watch your stuff!!!
  8. Hoehand79

    Braapin pics!

  9. Hoehand79

    Ufc @%&

    Who won? I tried streaming those links but porn kept popping up so I watched that instead...
  10. Hoehand79

    Keystone XL Pipeline

    Breaking news!!!
  11. Hoehand79

    AFD Petroleum

    Camp job I was at in wonowon bc, had them in ft mac too so ya maybe the issue is those remote tanks
  12. Hoehand79

    AFD Petroleum

    Heard they buy low grade or bottom of the barrel fuel for re sale...not sure if that s the problem or if it's the remote tanks they use. I just changed my fuel filter more often and keep an eye on the water separator...
  13. Hoehand79

    Question for the guys working camp type shifts

    17 yrs on the pipeline now and I avoid camp like the plague, but sometimes a guy has no choice. If you are a short drive from home makes it easier for a day off or 2. But if not, you are stuck in camp because it s hard to justify 12 hrs of driving for 2hrs of home time. I heard this once, if...
  14. Hoehand79

    Barbecue Season(Show me your Supper)

    No worries tell her thanks a bunch, they were awesome nice and hallow and fluffy similar from what I remember back in the one camp I stayed at yrs ago...
  15. Hoehand79

    Barbecue Season(Show me your Supper)

    Shout out to ferniesnow for the yorkshire recipe! Now I won t be eating muffin like ones with the roast beast lol
  16. Hoehand79

    Pictures of the Cheesiest Chit ever!!!

    That's quite the racial comment give yer head a shake it's almost 2021...
  17. Hoehand79

    Marked fuel

    That's the best stuff to huff...
  18. Hoehand79

    Skidoo LinQ Deep Snow Pro Bag 30 L - Issues

    At the end of the day I don't know if a thousand dollar bag would hold up to this abuse...[emoji848]
  19. Hoehand79

    BC family ride vale or mcbride?

    Chappell is pretty cushy to get to then just park on the lake always action there...
  20. Hoehand79

    Questions About Trailers

    I have a 18ft fits 2 175 s frontwards and backed in a 163 was a little tight but gotter...front v door has been siezed for yrs but would recommend a side man door for fueling. I don't think I have ever seen a single axel 18ft enclosed...
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