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    Wanted - POLAIS STORM 96 97 98

    Looking for 72 mm 800 storm jugs thx
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    Wanted - POLARIS 800 STORM HOOD

    Restoring a 1996 800 Storm looking for a good hood Thx
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    WANTED 2019 2020 850 Jackshaft

    Looking for fixed flange assembly(secondary clutch jackshaft)for 2019 2020 summit 850....BRP has part back ordered thx
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    850 Speedworx Supercharger

    Any info on this setup and boost/hp ratings
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    Everyone check g4 for oil leaking

    Had my hood off and doing some work on my 850 and found a huge oil slick running down front of block by rave valves and around pto cylinder making a huge mess...... dealer replaced rave base gasket under warrenty.... the gasket was torn.... point is I never noticed the leak without removing the...
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    850 etec won't idle popping and backfiring at low rpm

    Hard to start idles at 850-900 rpm no p codes only starts and runs with throttle at 1/4 pressed pops and back fires at low rpm any ideas??
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    2015 800 Etec with p1477 code

    Can't get this stupid code to clear put new hoses on rave system replaced controller and solenoid and cleaned exhaust rave valves still p1477 code check engine lit on as well had it at the dealer and they are stumped...... any ideas???
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    Nypex cylinder 4 fouling plug

    I have a 2012 nypex apex motor fouls cylinder 4 plug and won't run on cylinder 4 did leak down 7percent on all cylinders comp test 110 on all cylinders changed coils spark plugs same fouls only cylinder 4 checked wiring changed injectors only thing left is impulse control box.... Anyone please...
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