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    First time in Valemount

    thanks for the advise. I think we will probably go this route. Pretty affordable for the experience it sounds like it comes with.
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    First time in Valemount

    One of the guys has been many times already this year. First trip of the year for the rest of us. Been a few times in the past.
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    First time in Valemount

    Me and three buddies are going to be heading to valemount riding for the first time from the 17th to the 20th (next weekend!). I was hoping to get some good tips on where best to go right now (Group is intermediate at best) and what to expect. Also putting out some feelers if anyone local...
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    New From Slave Lake

    First winter in Alberta. Just picked up a new summit 850 154. Can't wait to see what sledding in alberta has to offer!
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