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  1. Longhairfreak

    Top 5 sleds of all time.

  2. Longhairfreak

    Anybody need an UGLY NEW turbo?
  3. Longhairfreak

    Happy New Year Maxwell!

  4. Longhairfreak

    Do you want to turn $20 000 into $20?

    Buy a snowmobile.
  5. Longhairfreak


    The new Polaris Turbos won't be out until January.
  6. Longhairfreak

    Been a good week.

    Sold my Wedge and my AF 500.
  7. Longhairfreak

    I finally figured it out.

    The difference of the true sled builds from 15-20 years ago to the sleds of today. The sled builds from 15-20 years ago determined the size of your balls. The sleds of today determine your riding skill because you have no balls and ride in the trees.
  8. Longhairfreak

    How are the 2022 Ski-Doo turbos working?

    Any video?
  9. Longhairfreak

    Looking for twin pipes.

    For 700 Polaris, Ski Doo or 670.
  10. Longhairfreak

    I cannot believe this.

    I've been trying to sell a Mountain Magic M8 Turbo with 1500 mile for $4500. Then this comes along. And you know what? Some dumb phuck will probably buy them.
  11. Longhairfreak

    This would be a simlar comparison of my Wedge and a 2020 Ski-Doo turbo.
  12. Longhairfreak

    This would be a simlar comparison of my Wedge and a 2020 Ski-Doo turbo.
  13. Longhairfreak

    When you go to the mountains what are you looking for?

    Wheelies in the trees or going to places most people can't reach and making huge pokes?
  14. Longhairfreak

    I wonder if Maxwell is squealing like a stuck pig?
  15. Longhairfreak

    I wonder if in July?

    Sleds will drop to 35% over market value?
  16. Longhairfreak

    Add this to your DOOLAID.
  17. Longhairfreak

    Hey Maxwell.
  18. Longhairfreak

    How do you measure TRUE performance of a sled?

    Is it how it can wheelie and spin around in a tree well or do a half mile poke up the mountain in 4 feet of powder?
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