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    Tire size??

    Hey guys and gals. I have a 2012 razr 800 with a 2"lift with 2" spacers, I'm wondering what tire size would be good for it?? I don't want to go huge, just a bit bigger!
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    Front A-arms??

    Hey everyone!! so i was just wondering if a set of YFZ 450 a-arms will fit on my banshee?? i know there's lots of places to buy one that fit but i know a guy that has them on a wrecked YFZ and i might be able to get them for cheap. So thats why im asking!!!
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    What's a better idea!?!?

    Hey everyone!! So I'm going to do big renos to my ensuite bathroom, I want to put a complete tile shower instead of a sur-round plastic shower tub! Is it worth while? Like do you think ppl would want that when they look at a reno'ed house?? Thanks for the help!!!
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    Looking for a engine!!

    Hey guys and gals! I'm looking to fix my sled!! So it's a 97 summit 670 and I need a new engine so I'm looking for a 670 or a 700 to drop in!!! I just want to rip!!!
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    The best way to go!!!!

    hey everyone, I have a question that I'm sure everyone on here can help with. What is the best way to drive down to the Shuswaps in BC? Do i go through Banff or take the longer easier way thru Jsaper??? I live in Ponoka. thanks all
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    New tunes

    So i finally bought a new truck to hall the the toys around!! I bought a 05 chevy dmax, its a crew cab so i was wondering if anyone has been able to stuff any subs behind the seats??? If so, where did you find the box to fit back there? Or who made it? :beer:
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    Im just wondering where all you S &Mers are going for May long?? If im not working im going to hit up Vega for a day. just cause i'll be on call, thats why only a day!:beer:
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    clutch issue?!

    So i finally got out for my first ride this year with my wife and remembered what i forgot about this past winter. I need to find a way for my wifes raptor 350s clutch to be easier for her to reach, her hands and fingers are a bit to short and she is always popping the clutch, is the a smaller...
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    Hey rhino owners!

    My guys and gals, my cousin owns a 08 700 rhino and want to and more power, something like 40plus hps! what are his best bets besides doing a engine but even that isnt out of the question, so let me know what you all have done. Thanks:beer:
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    Love my chevy but....

    Hey everyone i was just wondering if other chevy owners have the problem as me!! I have a 03 silverado and the power windows are so darn slow going back UP! When they froze up this winter they never had enough power to even get unstuck to go DOWN! Is this normal? I actually had to pull over...
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    Handlebar riser and extended cables?

    So I have a 97 summit with a 3 inch riser and i want to go bigger like maybe 5 or 6. Question is.... is it possible to use a different year throttle cable and brake cable that are longer or should i just get cable extentions that are for the year?? :beer::beer: ____________________ 02 banshee...
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    want more power!!!

    Just wondering what some of the best ways to get more power from my 97 670?? what about light wieght stuff?
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    In need!!

    Hey i'm looking for a can for my 97 summit??? Any one have one kickin' around??
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