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  1. Slamnek

    Primary Clutch Cover

    My 18 MC has 1200km and so far no cracks yet so I’m looking at either the 911 or ZRP clutch cover. I have zero experience with either brand. Is one better than the other or will both eliminate the exploding clutch issue??
  2. Slamnek

    Recent reflash

    Since I got my 18 mountain Cat reflashed it would only pull 7800-7900 on a good climb. In December with headlight deep snow it would pull 8100. I know I can compensate with weights but is there anything else I could do? I was also using 94 octane fuel but that shouldn’t cause me to lose RPM. I...
  3. Slamnek

    K-Mod in an M8

    Does anyone use the k-mod rear setup in an M8? My brother just bought an 08 skid with it and I would like to see some pictures of the front and rear arms
  4. Slamnek

    2005 M7 Suspension Replacement

    My brother is looking to swap out the rear skid for one off a newer 2009-2011 M8. Will it bolt in or are there tunnel mods that have to be done??
  5. Slamnek

    Exhaust cans

    I’m looking at the BMB Powderlite and the GGB mountain can for my mountain cat. Anyone have any experience with these? I’m guessing the GGB is really loud.
  6. Slamnek

    2017/2018 M8000 ride

    I’m looking at upgrading from my 2012 M8 which has been a flawless awesome machine to either an 850 Doo or 2017-2018 cat. All my buddies are doo riders and I got to try a new 850 and man are they impressive. My biggest thing is how smooth they are to ride. How does the newer cats compare? My 12...
  7. Slamnek

    Different winch

    so my warn just broke while plowing snow. Gears broke. does anyone have any experience with other brands? This is the second warn 3000Lb that i have broke the gears on. Thanks
  8. Slamnek

    1997 summit 500 reverse

    I’m looking at a reverse chain case off a 95 summit 583 and I’m wondering if it will fit my 97. I know they are different chassis. Doo dealerships are of no help.
  9. Slamnek

    1997 Summit 500 Exhaust Can

    Does anyone know of an exhaust can for this sled other than stock?
  10. Slamnek

    Polaris Grippers on a Proclimb

    i'm picking up a set of grippers for my 12 M8 and i'm wondering if i need a different mount or anything special to put these skis on or do they just bolt on?
  11. Slamnek

    Rims and tires

    Question for the GM people. I currently have a 2013 3500 with a 3.5" lift. The truck has 20x9" MKW rims with 305/55/20 duratracs and they are too big. I can't fit mud flaps on and it drives me nuts. I think the rims have a -12mm offset. If I get rims with a +18 offset, will they fit with the...
  12. Slamnek

    Fender flares

    Anyone have any experience with fender flares other than bushwackers? I bought a cheap set for my last truck and they had gaps. I want to put a set on my 2013 3500 and I'm looking for something a bit cheaper than the bushwackers.
  13. Slamnek

    Diesel delete prices

    i'm looking to delete my 13 duramax because i have had nothing but problems with all the emissions crap. I got 3 very different prices in Lloydminster. Tailored Diesel $1350 J&R automotive $2150 and westridge GM $3450 and thats for a full delete (DPF DEF EGR Exhaust) and no power tune. I...
  14. Slamnek

    Hunting draws

    I got antlered mule in 500 and antlerless mule in 256. Pretty excited to potentially get a wall hanger as well as tasty doe.
  15. Slamnek

    2010 Outlander 800 Belt

    I'm just wondering what people are using for belts?? is it best to spend the cash and get a BRP belt or are there some aftermarket ones that work just as good? I also just put a set of 28" mudzillas on and now i kinda want to clutch it appropriately so what is a good place to start?
  16. Slamnek

    Skyjacker shocks on duramax

    I just had a set of skyjacker hydro 7000 put on my 2010 2500 dmax and they seem really springy. My old wore out shocks were smoother. Anyone have any experience with them? I've only put 200km on them and I'm now looking at a set of bilstiens.
  17. Slamnek

    Klim Togwotee Bibs

    So my bibs were stolen out of my truck in lloydminster a week ago and i'm looking to replace them and I can't find any anywhere!! Does anyone know if there are any shops that still might have a size large (not tall)? or is anyone looking to upgrade and want to sell theres? I know its a long shot...
  18. Slamnek

    2012 rear track shock

    I'm looking at upgrading the rear track shock on my 2012 M8. I thing the length is 16" c to c. Does anyone know if a 17" would work or would the calving be messed up? Or should I just take it to nextec and get it re-valved and ad the reservoir? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Slamnek

    Outlander "Maintenance required"

    Is there a way to reset this message without having to take it to the dealer. They want $65 to rest the message which I think is unreal. All I can find on google is using the overide and break pedal but apparently that only works on the commander. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Slamnek

    South East Riding

    I'm working by maple creek and I'm seeing lots of trailers heading east. Where's the snow? Are they going to Manitoba?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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