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    2016 axys map sensor

    Anyone had problems with map switch? will a pro map switch work? different part number but look identical.
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    Timber sled 90 ripper?

    Anyone have one of these? any reviews?
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    lost keys

    lost my keys in the corbin area friday jan 11 tin shack parking lot the lot on the main road .was parked at the far south of the lot. pm me if found thanks
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    depreciation value of a sled in one year?

    looking to trade in my 2012 m8 snopro for a 2013. just wondering what would be a reasonable amount to pay. my 12 will have about 700mls, no body damage. any one with some general thoughts it would be appreciated
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    thank you cat

    just recieved a package in the mail. a new belt for my pro climb 800 with a letter stating they have acknowledged belt clutch issues. they also informed me that i will be recieving an additional 12 months of warranty. thanks cat for being pro active
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    Logging road radios

    What kind of radio do you need when on logging roads ? Any input would be appreciated
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    bottoming out?

    rode my new proclimb 800 last weekend and noticed at times it would bottom out. the conditions were deep with no base. just wondering if anyone else experienced this.
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    Quad wreckers

    Is there any quad wreckers in alberta thanks in advance
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