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    Introducing Mountain Sledder Snowmobile Magazine

    i picked it up at the show just had a chance to be home and read it the pictures are amazing excelent mag im hooked!! want to see more! i love the hammer head jump. .
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    Sturgeon Riders

    hey just got back and saw the little bit of snow dissaponted, I live just north of bon Accord ride right off my acreage when there is snow would like to meet up ride some trail and drift areas i havent seen
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    help with 05 snow pro

    just bought a 05 sno pro 121 inch 700 piped the pipe is the problem it pushes on the hood the wont close proper the pipe is to high i need sugestions .
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    Caution Buying Mirage Trailer.

    your so right they make an infeirior product and sell it up here in alberta were there to far to return it, my two place deck fell apart after 1 year
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    Need your help

    when she finished with you my dog needs to be done
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    what to use to make a red jerry can black?

    you could try spray dye they use it to change interior color
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    Best fuel station for sled gas?

    in edmonton is there a chevron?
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    busted hood

    older hoods seem break over and over
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    busted hood

    the hood on my 2002 rmk is busted are there after market hoods availible for older sleds if so were
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    Hairline cracks around clickers on primary

    you can ride it but you cant trust chang it!
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    belt to drive chain

    it reduces wieght and rotating mass faster excelleration
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    belt to drive chain

    yes they have one in snowteck c3syncrodrive
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    belt to drive chain

    are many people replacining drive chains with belts no oil no mess they work excellent on bikes
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    this year

    :rolleyes:well this year i have yet to finish my truck 350 /383 stroke build deck 2 inch track on wifes sled reoil on mine and insulate my crawl space oh yes then haul wood!!! :beer:
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    My Story + Mad Motorsports + This site

    long life to your family what you work for means the most family and toys .my son spent the the first two years inthe hospital life does go on he is 18 now, and i hardly think of those nites and days by his bed side life will contiue its good to find a place for your peace of mind. to me there...
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    2011 Big Iron Shootout?

    if not for trained people inattendance for the ride it would have been a lot more severe. i hope it goes on for years .
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    talk to powder bunny she spent two years in school for it and she over sees its removal at work.
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    New To Me 03 SKS 700

    yes check the crank replaced every thing but cases and jugs
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    lets here some bumper stickers funnys

    Horn broken watch for finger
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    riding the avalanch

    i remember when i watched a rider from kamloops ride the slide we were at the trophy mtns the rider went up and the ass of his sled dug in as he jumed on the ass and turned track spinning skies up the crust brooke sled sliped down we watched him pullback on to the sled ride the wave down we...
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