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  1. badmonkey


    yamaha tool kit, ran over it on the trail to Bruderheim, if your missing one you can have it back SKIDOO RULES:beer:
  2. badmonkey

    Is there snow on the Ironhorse?

    Well is there enough for a ride between Xmas &the new year? Thanks for replying
  3. badmonkey

    grey cup tickets

    affter the disapointing loss by the eskimos, my sister in-law is selling her tickets, two of them Row 25, Section S, (thats on the east side of the stadium, at about the 50 yard line Great Seats) she needs a new dishwasher................offers?
  4. badmonkey


    RH bottom pan (black) and muffler for 800 P-TEK, both out of a 2007 MXZ Renegade. anyone parting out these pieces?
  5. badmonkey


    :mad::mad: the tension spring on my garage door broke................any body on this forum in that line of work that would do repairs? Sherwood Park, Adrossan area. thanks
  6. badmonkey

    Tragic Snowmobile Death

    CTV news just reported a 5 yr old girl was killed near Ardrossan. when riding on a snowmobile with her father. how awful.......condolences to the family
  7. badmonkey

    Bad, bad accident, stratchcona county

    At approximately 1:30 pm today I was coming home from cleaning the Snow Angels parking lot, I came upon a bad accident on RR213 just south of Twp Rd 542.........2 ambulances.......when I got there the emergency responders were just pulling a snowmobiler out from under a truck. didnt talk to...
  8. badmonkey

    taspayers getting hosed again

    found this on snowest...............really makes you think by Opinion piece by Karen Budd-Falen, Budd-Falen Law Offices September 16, 2009 Consider these facts: • Between 2000 and 2009, Western Watersheds Project ("WWP") filed at least 91 lawsuits in the federal district courts and at...
  9. badmonkey

    google membersmap

    is it broken? or did everybody just move????????? Cant find my house???:confused:
  10. badmonkey

    stocking stuffer for the kids

    anybodly want to by the kids a cool stocking stuffer for xmas?? check out the classifieds. Garmin e-trex c/w case, computor/card cord and manual:o:o
  11. badmonkey

    stocking stuffer

    Merry Christmas:xmas-smiley-018: check out the "stocking stuffer" in the classifieds, need to cash this one in to buy a map program for the new GPS
  12. badmonkey


    OK.....any body know what this ugly sucker is I found tooling around on my couch last night. I have never seen one of these before. :confused::eek:
  13. badmonkey

    looking to ride

    any snow left around smokey lake, st. paul area. wouldnt mind one last rip one day this weekend.:mad:
  14. badmonkey

    who lost their ramp

    I was being the good son last night, cleaning my mothers driveway out near Calahoo. On the way home, along Hwy 37 me and lots of other people drove over a loading ramp for a trailer or possibly a sled deck. It was hard to see being dark out. I went back and picked it up. only minor damage and a...
  15. badmonkey

    Toy run

    A big thanks to Tri- county for putting on their toy run again this year. snow was minimal is most areas and ministik was pounded out, all the same it was nice to get out and ride. A special big thank you to all those that helped my wife get her machine away from the fence after she got sucked...
  16. badmonkey

    your opinion

    looking at a 2003 GMC duramax quad cab 120,000 kms gent is asking $30,000 any issues with the 03 and is the price about right?? fully loaded
  17. badmonkey

    your opinion

    looking at a 2003 GMC duramax quad cab 120,000 kms gent is asking $30,000 any issues with the 03 and is the price about right??
  18. badmonkey

    west yellowstone

    booked the wife and myself in on the Yellowstone trip again this year thru Rocky Mtn tours (Edmonton) had so much fun last year bought 2 new sleds. they still have room for more if any body is interested.
  19. badmonkey

    changed moniker

    after months of trying (and failing)..........and with the help of Ron I finally changed my moniker..........formerly smayo is now badmonkey thanks for your help Ron..........still would like to know how you did it
  20. badmonkey


    below is a letter to the editor from the edm sun yesterday....................just gotta hate guys like this dont you? good target for the guy on here who always wants someone to give him a gun
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