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  1. bushboy

    Watt Mountain Wanderers Boxing Day Poker Rally

    Unfortunately, due to a lack of snow, we are postponing this event until we have enough to groom a trail. We have cleared a lot of blowdown this fall, but we've beat up the 15cm of snow that we have received so far. Stay tuned for the new date. Sorry folks!
  2. bushboy

    Watt Mountain Wanderers Boxing Day Poker Rally

    It's Back!!! Our Boxing Day Poker Rally over the 'mountain'. 100 plus km of groomed trail up n over Watt Mountain West of High Level. Boxing Day is a Friday this year so you have the rest of the weekend to explore and add more km to your sled :) Local business has really stepped up to help us...
  3. bushboy

    2014/15 Meetings

    Thanks. Yup they are and hope you will! I have had serious electronic issues lately. Lost my internet service (rural, iffy at best), and both my laptop and phone crashed on me, but we're back for now. The Wanderers are here. Some new faces out and some former faces back. We have cleaned up...
  4. bushboy

    Long Lakes new power unit

    Very nice. Got a 94 tracker with a 3in Calmini lift and 33's. I've been thinking about tracks. Heading over to your other thread now.
  5. bushboy

    2007 Polaris 800X2 Blue Stolen in Mackenzie County

    Don't really expect to see it again. Just getting the word out. Stolen from our rural yard at 3am while we were home. Reported to RCMP in Fort Vermilion. Stock tires, winch w/ rope, Front Bumper, Plow and mount. Tracked it for 5 miles, but lost it across private property. Can Identify by unique...
  6. bushboy

    2014/15 Meetings

    Howdy folks, Time again to dust off the trails and fire up for the season. We got 1-10 inches of snow today West of High Level. A hardy few folk have been out over the last few weekends and have done an admirable amount of work. They replaced a bridge broken last fall before our season started...
  7. bushboy

    High Level - Watt Mountain Wanderers Rally - February 16, 2014

    Hi Folks I know its short notice...and theres lots going on down South, but it's warming up in High Level and we're gonna get out and RIDE!
  8. bushboy

    WebPage and Facebook

    Hey folks...Long time no post! Just wanted to get it out there. We are still a small group keeping our trails open as best we can. We have a great existing trail system, with approximately 300km of registered trail and unlimited cutline and river cruising in the High Level area. Our trails meet...
  9. bushboy

    Trail Conditions

    January 10, 2012 North West Loop Open. We have groomed the main loop from High Level West up n over the mountain. There is approx. 10-12 inches maybe up to 18 inches on the lines and ungroomed sections. Watch out for winter trails crossing the snowmobile trails this winter as Husky Evergreen is...
  10. bushboy

    Site Update Issues

    I noticed seemingly slow page load times as well, but I don't have the best connection. One thing that worries me is even before the upgrade leaving Snow and Mud on while using my 1X Stick internet cost me big time for data usage. I could eat up 5 meg just surfing and playing the Army game. I...
  11. bushboy

    07 Sportsman 800 XP Charging issue

    OK I thought since I started thisthread I probably should finish it. Last week I figured to give my dealer one last kick at the...oh wait...diferent brand... Anyway, they checked my service records and apparently my requests to diagnose and fix the charging issue had never actually made it onto...
  12. bushboy

    This is getting REDICULOUS!!

    My FIL has same problems with both his 500's (melted seat and 3rd degree burns on his leg) and I have melting issues (seat, panels, and rubber boots) and a host of other problems with my 800X2. I'm a polaris guy from wayback, but this is crazy. No help from my dealer either. In fact I just had a...
  13. bushboy


    Looks like the advice has pretty much been covered here, but do whatever works. Quit for yourself. Quit for your family. I suggest not quitting for a law cause in my opinion if you need a law to 'make' you do the smart thing then it ain't gonna work in the long run (seperate rant so I'll leave...
  14. bushboy

    Looking for quadding families

    Howdy, Welcome to Snow&Mud. Although I am more of a lurker I have seen that S&M has the whole range of folk on board. There are many family oriented people here so enjoy the site. There are people from "down South" ie Calgary :p, up North ie "me" :cool:, and further afield. You should have no...
  15. bushboy

    Legal advise!!

    :hi: Howdy neighbor, Welcome to the sticks. :headbanger: :beer: :beer:
  16. bushboy

    Going to pick one up tomorrow!

    SAAWWEEEEEET. :d Heh I guess I'm way behind on the car scene. I thought it was a Porsche until the last pic. :eek: So what is it really? some Mercedes supercar Ferrari killer? Is it as fast as the paint indicates? Cant wait 'till ya throw on a set of boggers and run it through the mud beside...
  17. bushboy

    First time posting.

    Hey. Company! :cool: Awesome :) Be nice if all them others would hang out a bit. Gonna be -6 this weekend. Great weather to ride the long loop over the mountain. :) The Machesis trail hasn't been groomed but I bet the first 4 sleds down it will have an awesome ride. :cool: For the...
  18. bushboy

    Next Meeting Info

    Next Meeting March 2, 2011 at the town hall Rm 150. Please Note New Venue. See ya there.
  19. bushboy

    Left side throttle??

    Hi there, I see your points about not needing this to ride mountain snow. I have no mountain experience so I'll take ya'lls word for it. I am thinking of modifying a sled and a quad for a friend of mine so he can join us on our mild flatland trail rides. He lost his right hand, but is adept at...
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