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    Bc Border

    British Columbia is closed until 2022...
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    Ski doo 850 factory turbo open deck transporting

    If you put a cover on it, you'll be fine.
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    Costco is the best price, you can also go to HealthCare Solutions and get a Gallon of it. You want 99% Isopropyl. Most drug stores have the good stuff, behind the counter.
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    Whats brewing at Poo

    The poster is a fake. I did a domain lookup and it hasn't even been purchased or assigned to anyone.
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    boy oh boy......

    He tried to but then belt blew!
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    Best prices on def fluid

    Petropass has it for $0.79/litre
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    pics of your rv, camping unit, toyhauler, cabin

    Yeah I had the generator under my pillow to and pulled it, sold it, and got a portable with the option of getting remote start.
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    Lily drone TH

    I read on their website, if you are pre-ordering after June 15, you will receive yours in May 2016, not February 2016! Just so you know...
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    880 t3 for 16?

    Just out of curiousty, but why are so many people saying that this is a photo-shop? When you look close, there are a lot of different changes to the image vs their active page now, that majority wouldn't even think about for a photoshop. Yes all the pricing as been changed, but look closely and...
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    2016 Pro, what would you pay?

    I think you might want to check your facts. If the serial number starts with a '3' then it's made in Mexico. Country assembled in is always stated in the first digit of VIN.
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    Stock turbo t3 from doo for 2016

    Have any of you looked at the emission rating of what the e-tecs are? Next time you see the tag on the handle bar, go and compare it to their 4-stroke maverick and you will be surprised how clean the 2-stroke is rated.
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    2016 yamaha wolverine eps

    Its a start. They will have a whole new line up coming this year. I think it was an early release to show that new stuff is coming.
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    looking for partner for next week end ?

    Might head out to Revy or Sicamous tomorrow if all goes well. Leaving from Edmonton if anyone is interested.
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    Stock turbo t3 from doo for 2016

    That was baby steps. It was just a really fast growing baby!
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    Official REVY Riding Conditions 2014/15

    One of our guys called around everywhere and there were no rooms available for after Christmas. If you find some, let me know.
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    2014 / 2015 Valemount Conditions and Updates

    F*ck! you guys have flooded this post over an argument on grooming costs. Can we get back to what this title says, "Conditions". Who gives a sh*t what one person thinks on this increase, we see it every time the price goes up! You will never please everyone.
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    2014 chev 5.3 vs 6.2

    I had a 2012 6.0L Silverado, it was brutal on fuel and a toad. Took it back to dealer and upgraded to a 2014 5.3L Silverado with the MAX Trailering package. The truck is amazing. I would highly recommend this truck over a 6.0L. As for the 6.2L it was an option but my towing capacity is 11500lbs...
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    Holy late shipping on polaris sleds

    …and some struggle to go 600 ft!
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    Polished tunnels

    If you're interested I was doing tunnels. I have a Makita variable speed polisher plus all the wheels (Some new) and the polish (dry bar - Jackson Lee) that I'm looking to sell for $150. If interested, let me know.
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