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    Recent online ordering experiences

    Just a short rant as I've fallen victim to this twice over the course of a few weeks. Ordered an accessory from a company in US last week & cart showed stock & took order & charged card (of course), then got an email a couple days later stating parts held up in manufacturing, with a "should ship...
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    SxS Sound Bar Options

    Looking for input/experience with self amplified sound bars on side by sides. Thanks to all who chime in!
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    27x9x12 Zilla's X 4

    Looking to change out the 26" Zilla's I swapped to my '13 750 King Quad from the previous unit. I was thinking of going to 4 27x9x12 on my 12x7 ITP rims. With the previous rubber on the same rims, the fronts run slightly smaller than the rears. Looking for input/thoughts from anyone who has...
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    Shout out for Grizzly Ridge Honda!

    Thanks to Glen, Chris, & Ryan for getting my new XMX Ready & the killer deal!
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    What's the best BB 4WD for me?

    Hey Guys/Girls- Looking for a new/second quad & will keep current one for the family. Currently have a '08 450 Kingquad. This was my first 4wd & only bought this size because my main riding group was all on 450-500 units. Quad was ungraded with a VDI, clutch machining, lighter weights, & 26...
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    GREAT Klim Warranty

    Just got a set of original Klim Adrenaline boots replaced under warranty for a wet foot issue. I feel it's outstanding due to the fact the boots are 5+ years old. GREAT job Klim! I think a lot of companys could learn a lesson here. They said it had nothing to do with the age of the boot, rather...
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    16-18' Aluminum Fish/Tubing Boat Suggestions

    Hey everyone! Looking to pick up a new boat for the cabin @ Joussard on Lesser Slave Lake. Looking at something lighter (aluminum) so I can launch with the quad (I'm only 100yds from closest launch). Leaning towards a model with a convertible rear bench/casting platform. $20-30K range. Any/all...
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    HPG Shock rebuilding

    I've got to rebuild the HPG's on one sled this off season. Who do you like/recommend? Thx in advance!
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    '02 Suzuki Bandit 1200S Parts

    Have a gel seat, stk w/s, stk rear shock,all brakes lines,stk fork springs. Great deal for all to a S&M Member. PM If you need anything!
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    "07 Summit - Improving skid rebound dampening

    Has anyone revalved their rear shocks to help control the rear of skid when going thru multiple/studder bumps. The rear of the skid seems to "pack down" & rebounds less with every hit, resulting in an out of control rear end.
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    Rebuilding '07 HPG Shocks

    Looking to freshen up my shocks on my '07 Summit X. Where have you gone & approx $ per shock. Thx ...
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