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  1. Uturn

    Just a heads up..Hwy 43 Closed for a While

    Last one of those I was at wasnt good for the trucker. Glad to hear the trucker was OK. Took a lot of foam to get it out.
  2. Uturn

    EV Momentum Is Building

    I've never seen one plugged in at the Sherwood Park Peavey Mart.
  3. Uturn


    cheering for #19 as usual.
  4. Uturn

    LG front load washing machine issues

    clean the seal and wipe the door where it meets the seal.
  5. Uturn

    What Did You Do In Ur Garage?

    Eagle, Where did you get the metal?
  6. Uturn

    Question for the night shift guys

    40+ years of shift work, 30 on this shift cycle. 12hr rotating shifts from 6 to 6. I was fortunate enough to get some very in depth shift work training early in my career. Not every routine works for everyone, its about finding what works for you. As you age, you will find how you sleep changes...
  7. Uturn

    Ram 1500 air bags

    Save your money, mine didn't last a year.
  8. Uturn

    Epoxy River Projects

    Building a mantle and I want to try a thicker pour(4"), but without a cooling table I might have to try and do it in multiple pours.
  9. Uturn

    Epoxy River Projects

    I watch quite a few of their YouTube videos. These guys have reusable molds for smaller epoxy projects. With the increase in wood prices they may be a cheaper and easier option. I may also try their epoxy.
  10. Uturn

    Epoxy River Projects

    What epoxy are you using?
  11. Uturn

    Parents are selling their acreage, 2miles east of Sherwood park

    Got to love that 70's red shower!!
  12. Uturn

    Question for the guys working camp type shifts

    I spent the first 10 years of my work career living on the road. It was an experience, but hard on relationships. Got tired of it quick. Last 30 sleeping in my own bed every night. Now as a shift worker I miss some important family events, but we schedule them around my days off. Wouldn't go...
  13. Uturn

    Random Pictures Thread

    The old girl looks to be in nice shape.
  14. Uturn

    This person caused me lifelong pain.

    I have about 100 of these left. They work good on the old cans. Shipping was the expensive part. If anyone wants some, let me know and we can work something out.
  15. Uturn


    Probably different if the 19 continues to fail inspection.
  16. Uturn

    Best herbicide

    Very similar, just a slightly different mix of components. Both are 2-4-D based.
  17. Uturn

    Best herbicide
  18. Uturn

    Best herbicide

    Any of the broad leaf weed killers will stunt the grass if mixed too strong. I use Trillium at the recommended strength and it works good. I mowed the thistle last week as the weather will not cooperate. I wont spray any herbicide until the spruce are past new growth and fruit trees are done...
  19. Uturn

    Best herbicide

    Our county uses a blend for woody growth in ditches. Starts with garlon and has a few other undisclosed additives.
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