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    spot trace

    Anything better then spot trace out there?
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    Antique vehicle appraisal

    Looking for somebody in the leduc area to get a vehicle appraisal done. Who would you recommend?
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    72 c10 350 mufflers

    Looking to get new mufflers for the truck. What would you recommend for a nice sound? Don't want anything crazy loud.
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    Hoist for garage

    Looking at maybe getting a 4 post hoist for the garage. Anyone know of a good dealer?
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    72 c10 antifreeze.

    Have 72 c10 350 with aluminum heads. What brand of antifreeze would you recommend?
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    Cargo trailer

    I am looking for a 24ft trailer that is enclosed to haul a classic truck. Any ideas on which trailers to look at. Would like to be able to open door to get out of truck.
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    3m install

    Who in Edmonton or leduc does good work for installing 3m?
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    Modular home repairs

    Looking for someone that could do some repairs on the exterior of my modular home. Please let me who i could maybe contact. House is in the Leduc county.
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    1987 chevy 4x4

    Does anyone know of a good body shop that i can take my truck to? Would like to get all doors and panels replaced and truck repainted. thanks
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    Front ski shock

    Walked into the shop today and there is oil on the floor. RH shock blew a seal just sitting there i guess. Anyone have any kicking around around that are takeoffs or know if you can rebuild them? Its from a 2017 summit SP HPG.
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    Zero turn mower

    Anyone using a Husqvarna zero turn mower? If so how do you like it?
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    Cut off creek staging area west of Rocky

    Anyone been there lately? If so what are the conditions like?
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    Trail riding in Wyoming

    Anyone know of a good place to stay where you can snowmobile from?
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    Led headlight bulbs

    Anyone using the 20000 lumen led headlight bulbs? If so what brand are you using?
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    Valemount to little fort

    Just a heads up the road is brutal just came through.
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    Hudson Bay riding/ lodging

    Looking for a new area to try. What are some good places to stay at? Where would you recommend to ride?
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    Tracking device

    Looking for a tracking device that does not need to be hard wired.What would you recommend?
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    Chain saw

    Looking at buying a Husqavarna chain saw. I see canadian tire sells them.Is there any difference between what they sell and what a husky dealer sells.
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    Motor mount bolt

    I have a broken motor mount bolt on the pto side at the rear. Is it possible to just remove mount without pulling motor?
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    Anyone know where I might find a used ECM for 2012 renegade backcountry 800 etec? .
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