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  1. shawnmcgr

    SD 43 code

    When I took mine into the dealer with this issue, it was still under warranty, they blamed the battery. Said it had to be over 12.5v. I bought a new battery and had same issues. You should be able to monitor your battery voltage on your gauges while riding and before starting. Sounds like...
  2. shawnmcgr

    SD 43 code

    I just went through this, it was a loose fuse on my sled. I gave the fuse blade a slight twist to give it better contact. But could be relays.
  3. shawnmcgr

    Fernie season 2020/2021

    I use this site:
  4. shawnmcgr

    Sidewinder not starting sd_43 code

    Fuse...I tried relays 1st as there is so much chatter about sidewinders and relays.
  5. shawnmcgr

    Sidewinder not starting sd_43 code

    Turned out to be an intermittent loose fuse. Really annoying. Twisted the blade to give it more bite. Fuses seem to be lose fitting vs my apex and phaser.
  6. shawnmcgr

    Knee and Shin pads

    Never ride without them, light hardshell motocross knee/shin pads.
  7. shawnmcgr

    Sidewinder not starting sd_43 code

    Went to load up my sidewinder for a weekend in Revy... no start! Code sd_43 on the dash. Apparently something to do with fuel system electrical supply. On my apex this meant fuel pump relay but swapping the relays changed nothing. Turns over fine, battery is good, connections at the battery are...
  8. shawnmcgr

    Reducing search and rescue calls

    How about establishing an emergency channel like channel 16 in marine radios. There's a lot of knowledgable riders in Revy that could lend a hand and avoid a SAR call.
  9. shawnmcgr

    Hurricane Flash in Calgary?

    Bought a brand new 2017 Sidewinder last season, warranty expires in Jan. Looking to up the HP with a hurricane flash, I've heard good things about the hurricane flash and MTN riding. Anyobe know if a shop does this in Calgary, or close buy? Can I do this myself with some sort of reflash kit?
  10. shawnmcgr

    Towing with Sidewinder

    I've got a 2017 sidewinder I'm looking to tow a small utility sled, probably 150-100lbs fully loaded(just skis and packs). I don't see much on the Yamaha site for hitches for the mtx, just the light duty hitch. Anyone else towing with an mtx, what hitch set up are you using? I haven't...
  11. shawnmcgr

    Sidewinder Susoension Set up

    Thanks Trukker, I've got the SE so no rebound adjustment and a coil over in the front skid. My limiter strap is fully loose. Any idea how shortening it would effect handling?
  12. shawnmcgr

    Sidewinder Susoension Set up

    Thanks, I've considered a stiffer front skid spring. When you say it helps with weight transfer do you mean increases it? I don't find the weight on the front skis to much but the sled just wants to stay flat.
  13. shawnmcgr

    Sidewinder Susoension Set up

    I've got a related question, thought I'd put it in here rather than starting a new thread. I just picked up a holdover 17 Sidewinder. I'm coming off a 16 xm and have never had air shocks, other than on my MTN bike, which I love. Previous to the XM I rode a supercharged Apex for 10yrs at...
  14. shawnmcgr

    Sled Skiing Partners

    Can you guys recommend a ski rack for an skidoo xm? We've started sled access skiing and have been towing skis in on a toboggan (6 people on 3 sleds and one toboggan of gear), but with just two of us that's kind of annoying.
  15. shawnmcgr

    Atlas staging area

    Did a bit of trail riding in the 30th from Alexander over Deadman pass to the Atlas trails and conditions were surprisingly good. Got dirt in the normal exposed windswept spots. Out Cross country skiing at Chinook Lake today and 10in of fresh, trails should be in reasonable shape for the...
  16. shawnmcgr

    Ski doo spring spacers! Finally got my prototypes our on the snow.

    Still selling these torsion spacers? I've got a 16 XM T3 in need.
  17. shawnmcgr

    XM Starter gear will not engage

    It turned out to be just gummed up from brake dust and grease. Never had that problem with my Apex... They all have thier issues and this is a minor one!
  18. shawnmcgr

    XM Starter gear will not engage

    Hey, I've got a 16 XM T3 with electric start and recently the starter gear has been intermittent in sliding out and engaging the ring gear on the clutch back. It spins but doesn't pop out. Any ideas? If I tip the sled on the clutch side it starts no problem. It's still on warranty but if...
  19. shawnmcgr

    Crowsnest Pass 2017/2018

    Where is the best place to start to ride the south side of the Crowsnest? Riding with family so looking for smooth trail riding. How's Carbondale? Castle? Is York still closed?
  20. shawnmcgr

    Wing Night - Calgary - Thurs Mar 1st 5:30pm

    If I'm around, I'd be in!
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