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  1. shawnmcgr

    Sidewinder not starting sd_43 code

    Went to load up my sidewinder for a weekend in Revy... no start! Code sd_43 on the dash. Apparently something to do with fuel system electrical supply. On my apex this meant fuel pump relay but swapping the relays changed nothing. Turns over fine, battery is good, connections at the battery are...
  2. shawnmcgr

    Hurricane Flash in Calgary?

    Bought a brand new 2017 Sidewinder last season, warranty expires in Jan. Looking to up the HP with a hurricane flash, I've heard good things about the hurricane flash and MTN riding. Anyobe know if a shop does this in Calgary, or close buy? Can I do this myself with some sort of reflash kit?
  3. shawnmcgr

    Towing with Sidewinder

    I've got a 2017 sidewinder I'm looking to tow a small utility sled, probably 150-100lbs fully loaded(just skis and packs). I don't see much on the Yamaha site for hitches for the mtx, just the light duty hitch. Anyone else towing with an mtx, what hitch set up are you using? I haven't...
  4. shawnmcgr

    XM Starter gear will not engage

    Hey, I've got a 16 XM T3 with electric start and recently the starter gear has been intermittent in sliding out and engaging the ring gear on the clutch back. It spins but doesn't pop out. Any ideas? If I tip the sled on the clutch side it starts no problem. It's still on warranty but if...
  5. shawnmcgr

    Fernie- beat place for a trail ride this weekend

    Looking for smooth trails with a bit of scenery to take my wife and kids out on. Likely going to try Coal creek today. How's the Hartley tail? What about Ram? Also thinking of riding down to the Flathead Pass out of Corbin, I expect the 1st 5km to be whooped up until you get to the Barnes turn...
  6. shawnmcgr

    Castle riding

    Anyone know if you can still ride out of Castle, or has the new PP sit that down? Sent from my SGH-I527M using Tapatalk
  7. shawnmcgr

    Fly F2 Carbon Winter in CGY?

    Anyone know where the FLY F2 Carbon is available in Calgary? Or Fly helmets in general, Rocky Mtn Honda used to sell them, need a new source. Thxs, Shawn
  8. shawnmcgr

    Golden 94 Octane?

    Anyone know if there is 94 octane available in Golden?
  9. shawnmcgr

    Sled Skiing Crow

    My brother and sister are coming for a visit, both back country skiers, and I was hoping to haul them up to a few lines they could ski down. Can anyone give me any tips on areas to try? So far I'm thinking of trying Castle over the Middle Kooteney Pass, or maybe the bowl before the pass. And...
  10. shawnmcgr

    Crowsnest House Tips

    A buddy of mine is thinking of buying a house in the Crowsnest and is looking for tips but does not no anyone down that way. He's looking for a 3 bedroom house anywhere between Bellevue and Coleman. Are there any neighborhoods to steer clear of? Bad water, areas prone to basement floods...
  11. shawnmcgr

    sled ski in the Crowsnest

    I'm bringing the famdamily down for spring break and was wondering if anyone could point out a good sled accessible spot for beginner skiers. Just need a 100-200 yard green run without any stumps. Preferably something out of atlas as this is the area I'm most familiar with.
  12. shawnmcgr

    Crowsnest Mountain Resort

    Anyone ever stay there? I was late booking so the place we normally stay was booked. I've got a cabin reserved here, just hoping I'm not going to regret it.
  13. shawnmcgr

    And sleddin has a bad name?

    Just got back from skiing Nakiska. Busy, busy. Just skied the afternoon with the kids so we were there 4 hours. Bought my lift ticket off a guy that was quitting for the day 'cause his girl friend hurt her knee. While we were there 4 ambulances and 1 helicopter (Stars). Almost every run we...
  14. shawnmcgr

    07 Rev Goes down...what's the fix?

    I've read all the '07 Rev threads I can find here. There aren't any before '10 so maybe the good ones on this issue got nixed? Anyways, a buddies '07 Rev Summit was backfiring and hard to start (1700kms on it). He left fuel in the carbs over the summer and just started every month and thought...
  15. shawnmcgr

    MPI (Dobeck) fuel boxes

    How are you keeping yours dry and where are you mounting it? Got pics? I've just got mine on the fuel tank cowling beside the steering column. I'm thinking about keeping it under the hood to keep it dry. I'm hearing they get wet easy then crap out until they are dried out. Ziplock bag...
  16. shawnmcgr


    She's purdy quiet over in the Yami section, thought I'd try here... I installed a MPI stage 1 charger kit on an Apex Mtn last spring. Just got the one ride in on it without any clutch changes and of course it was hitting the rev limited. So I'd like to pick up a set of Dalton Quick Adjust Cam...
  17. shawnmcgr

    Super Charger clutching

    I installed a MPI charger kit on an Apex last spring. Just got the one ride in on it without any clutch changes and of course it was hitting the rev limited. So I'd like to pick up a set of Dalton Quick Adjust Cam Arms but I'm not sure which base wieght. I'm only running 6psi now and will...
  18. shawnmcgr

    Race Gas

    Just wondering what race gas folks are running in boosted sleds with AFR gauges? I've heard that leaded fuel (which most of the popular race gas seems to be) wrecks the o2 sensor. But VP's unleaded race gas is oxygenated, which means ethenol I think, which I have always avoided. Damned if I...
  19. shawnmcgr

    MPI charger oil filter

    I'm finally getting around to installing a charger on my Apex and was wondering how often guys are changing the filter on the charger oil system, the little accourdian looking filter that mounts in the nose. The kit is used and about 3 years old. What are they worth and do I have to get it...
  20. shawnmcgr


    I thought a few of you might get a kick out of this...
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