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  1. kenvb

    new 15 in centre drive track

    this is a 58 window .track that was used on many 60s and early 70s snowmobiles..i had 3 of these..used one on a old Yamaha and i sent one to Brantford Purolater for $110 2 yrs i can send this anywhere you like.for extra shipping.. $200 for the track. my phone is 780-778-2505...
  2. kenvb

    whats the smoothest riding sled out there Gang?

    you know me little by now.. we have had our ET 250 since 82 . then i get one or two fixer uppers a yr,but after getting hit by that pickup May 2020 i cant ride the old ones..too rough..I am getting the law suit settlement soon my lawyer says..and wife says If i have to keep sledding..get...
  3. kenvb

    1980 7500 -9500 Blizzard Operators Manual

    $30 with mail cost
  4. kenvb

    1980 Blizzard 7500 -9500 Operators Manual

    $30 mailing included
  5. kenvb


    Hello Co Op Insurance,like to make a claim!
  6. kenvb

    what do you camp in.

    we have a 92 Itasca 34 ft diesal pusher.5.9 Cummins,allison auto. 6 yrs now. love it.
  7. kenvb

    2017 Kawasaki KX 65 stolen

    my sons co worker went to Edm.on weekend and bought nice lil bike for his son,he stopped at Cdn Tire and went in to get spark plugs and oil. was only gone about 20 minutes and the bike was gone when he got back.he reported to RCMP.they asked to see the CDN tire cameras..a black SUV and 2...
  8. kenvb

    anyone like a cheap bike ?

    1985 Suzuki GS 750 with 14,192 kms i got this thinking i could ride a big bike again..wrong..its too top heavy for this old sledder with a bad back, i could hardly back it off the trailer and into garage.. it has new unused tires..i just registered it with a antique plate yesterday.. will...
  9. kenvb

    Our aging wives .
  10. kenvb

    2 whales .

    A male whale and a female whale were swimming off the coast of Japan when they noticed a whaling ship.The male whale recognized it as the same ship that had harpooned his father many years earlier.He said to the female whale,“Lets both swim under the ship and blow out of our air holes at the...
  11. kenvb

    Happy New year Gang.

    may we have More snow for sledding and no more BS virus.
  12. kenvb

    any Snowcruiser lovers here

    this was thee first snowmobile i ever rode in 1967,picture of me and GF ,daughter of owner on the snowcruiser. got it from second owner who moved. didnt really want it.but its fun. runs great.only thing doesnt work is the factory primer. but i squirt lil gas in carb and one pull. Vroom.. I...
  13. kenvb

    Voltage regulator location 2000 RMK 700

    ok guys, where is the VR on a 2000 700 RMK ?
  14. kenvb

    Look what wife found in a Yard sale

    she called me last saturday.bring the car trailer. i will wait for you; ya right.Never knew why till i got there. I dont say why.i say how high? 120 kms later and the last 25 was gravel ,good thing too. most people wont drive in gravel to get to yard sale nowdays. this 57 is a second owner...
  15. kenvb

    2 running JD Spitfires for sale

    were used right till snowmelted this yr. 77 needs proper carb or add a primer..has no choke 78 needs throttle assembly.cable end wont stay in both need seats recovered. Covers included. $450 each or both for $800 cant deliver anymore.sold the trailer. and bring help.i cant lift buger all...
  16. kenvb

    DAM near killed in my own garage this past wednsday.

    i took a Bravo on trade last month that i put on Kijij for sale.a lady and her 55 yr old Father came from Bonnyville to buy it. they came in garage,i started it. she asked her dad to back to pickup up to the door.i was standing to right of the door inside behind my snowblower,all of a sudden the...
  17. kenvb

    DAM near killed in my own garage this past wednsday.

    delete please
  18. kenvb

    Never sit on a lawn chair Naked !

    might hurt a tab?
  19. kenvb

    update regarding no ATVs or sleds in province
  20. kenvb

    are there any old Yamaha experts here

    i took Bravo on trade and owner says its a 82. i gave the no to Yamaha dealer.and he said he couldnt tell me? serial no is 8AE-000565 i registered it yesterday as a 82 .i guess they all look alike ey. this ones been soda blasted and repainted ,so cant tell by the color.Previous owner put...
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