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  1. what_next

    Rugby World Cup

    Has anyone been following the progress of our brave Canadians so far they are 1-1 with a loss today to France.... they were tied at the half, not too shaby as France is a legit powerhouse able to knock out heavy favorites in every tournament and most recently are the 6 nations cup champs and...
  2. what_next

    Do you like your internet? no way? me too!

    Yet our internet in Canada is facing a crisis. Metered billing (pay 30 bucks a month get 60GB, +4 CND/GB of extra use for example) what are we back in the year 1999? now this, an act made so that they can just watch what you do..... i thought this kinda of paranoia was just in the states oh...
  3. what_next

    isnt this interesting

    Scratch tickets are Your favorite says a friend who Knows
  4. what_next

    Gypsy Dating

  5. what_next

    Canada Post

    I want Canada Post to get off their lazy azzes and go back to work so i can get my freaking parcels!!!!!
  6. what_next

    To who ever has ever stayed at camp, or plans to, or just wants to learn..

    this vid was made up specifically for the workers at the kearl oilsands project staying at wapasu camp, i've been there and my brother is currently there tho this still pretty much sums up every camp... period
  7. what_next

    Nostalgic (Old time Edmonton)

    Ran across this somewhere else ^ Armistice Parade during the flu epidemic, November 11, 1918. The people are wearing masks. The banners in the parade say "BEHIND THE GUN THE MAN" and "BEHIND THE MAN THE DOLLAR," respectively, a reference to war bonds and an effort to "Make your dollars fight...
  8. what_next

    just because this gets no attention

    poor lil Ontario this place gets no traffic
  9. what_next

    Protective gear

    What kind of protective gear do you use... if any (knee/shin pads, elbow, etc) besides the obvious
  10. what_next

    Brace yourselves as today is judgement day

    May 21, 2011, the Rapture is apparently coming Why The World Is Going To End On May 21, 2011 May 21, 2011 Judgment Day! Tract - eBible Fellowship and there are always people that want to profit on tragegy.. or the fear of tragedy So first it was Y2K, then the year 2012... but now 2011...
  11. what_next

    I just found out....

    that i work with this girl's father Kristen Hager - IMDb actually he works for me... as an electrician she's single...... i'm gonna try to swoop in!
  12. what_next

    Rammstein Ticket, Edmonton this weekend

    i cant go to the concert anymore so one ticket for sale PM me for info if you want it
  13. what_next

    Whats going on?

    So i've been seeing ads of this GIO brand out of nowhere lately can anyone tell me where the hell they come from? (not geographically) GIO
  14. what_next

    I was thinking of getting....

    This lil bad boy! i'm all giddy for the summer now.... dammit!
  15. what_next

    where have you been all my life!

    What up peeps! After years of not owning a toy, over the winter i bought a 250SX-F.... just cant wait to hit the dirt Dom
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