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    Big horn dam closed to campers and OHV as of July 21 2021

    We were out at big horn camping and there is a lot of going’s on. Happening on the crown lands surrounding the dam. Today I was asked to leave our site down by the river on the lower level as they trans Alta are fencing off the area we have camped on since the mid 90s ..... sad day for sure. I...
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    50cc scooters adventure riding.

    So the boy is excited that in the spring, at the ripe old age of 14 he can venture out on a 50cc scooter on his own around town with a learners.....(Already got him a Yamaha BWS 50f). He has been watching YouTube videos and has gotten in his head that next summer he wants to do a little...
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    New quad upgrade. From Honda. To a Yammi ! ..?

    It’s time to upgrade been on a Honda most all my previous machines were..... still gonna keep the old rubicon’s for back up.... or a god ole friends and family machine. i was thinking about going to a Grizz 700 (686) the new 19s didn’t get an engine upgrade but the old power plants were a good...
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    New 2018 ram 2500/3500 diesel srw

    Just want to gauge what everyone is paying..... ballpark between the slt and say a Laramie..... prices on the sticker vary .... what are the actuals people are paying out the door. Also who has dealt with the dealer on a factory order..... seems I can't get the colour and options I want with...
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    2008.5 Bedliner ford 6.4 diesel

    Was looking at new trucks........ have a 2008.5 ford superduty 6.4Lt diesel. just under 120K on it, owned it since day 1 completely stock, save for the Bedliner paint job (Hailed out couple years in a row so had to do something)..... Have remote start, air ride bags in the back, Put new tires...
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    Honda recon 250 anyone have one forsale.

    looking for a newish honda recon 250 for the boy....... didn't want to go to the USA for a new one with the dollar difference. So anyone got a newish one they wanna part with ?? Anyone ?
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    Who has a newish Honda recon 250 to sell.

    Looking for a newish lightly used Honda recon 250..... Can't get any new ones here in Canada anymore. Thought about going to the USA they still sell them there new. Help.....thanks !
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    Wanted Honda recon

    Looking to get a Honda recon 250 es for my son. As they do not sell them anymore in Canada , but they do sell new ones in the USA Anyone ever buy one of these out of the states?? Thanks in advance.
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    Bigger tires and rims for sons sportsman 110cc

    Looking to put a big tire and rim on my sons Polaris sportsman 110. It has a 4x110 bolt pattern not the regular 156 typical Polaris bolt pattern but still need something that will fit over the raised center on the hub. Anyone out there have something kicking around that would fit I would not...
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    Rush slip on mufflers!

    Trying to find out where I can get these pipes in Canada............tried a few stores online and they do not ship to Canada........Anyone have them or know where a guy could buy em.
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    Insurance. Who is paying what??

    2011. HD Softail license for 25yrs. Being soaked. 25yrs insured and no tix or infractions can't get A quote below 500 2012 yamaha 50cc scooter for the wife........soaked harder. ....nothing under 180. Help me out here, this used to cost 180 & 75 in 2007.
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    Air bag set up on my ford f250

    Looking to set up air bags on my ford f 250. Sold the old dodge tow truck and am forced to set up the ford now........ Had firestones in the old truck with manual air to each bag....worked ok. Now wondering about the same bag but with a compressor on board. What are my options.... Also looking...
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    Buying an acreage worried about the septic field.

    Looking at an acreage, and the only thing that concerned me was the way the septic is laid out, the house is a walk out so the site is flat and drops off at mid foundation to a walkout . The septic tank is on the side of the house mid slope and the leach field travels up hill approximately...
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    Best Place for remote car starters in edmonton

    Whats the best place to get a remote car starter installed in the city. Where should I stay away from.
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    Need a good place in Edmonton to get my HID Lights fixed.

    Anyone know a good shop that can help me fix my HID lights in the city, I think the ballast went but not sure. Would go back to the original shop that installed em but it was a bad deal, and I just want it fixed or a new kit or put back to stock.......but just need a good decent place that will...
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    Montana car dealers willing to sell to Canadians!!

    Anyone know of any dealers that are willing to sell to Canadians in Montana, I am trying to purchase a Toyota or a Honda in the USA but am finding it difficult to find a dealership that will sell to Canadians, and for a $6000 savings I'm not willing to spend those kind of dollars at the local...
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    Upgrading to a new truck, old one for sale

    It time for an upgrade to something new, have a 2005 dodge ram 2500 QC , Laramie diesel for sale. I am the original owner 150,000 km on it full synthetic fluids since new, remote start spray liner, canopy, air bags and trailer brake, complete new front end and brakes done about 15 k ago. This...
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    Warranty issues importing vehicles from USA to Canada

    Anyone ever get turned down on warranty when they imported a new vehicle from the USA.Thanks in advance..!
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    Changing lights on the RV to LEDs

    Looking to change the trailer lights on the RV to LEDs.......just wondering what's involved, not electrically challenged but have not done allot of wireing. And the LEDs are a different voltage so want to be prepared when I go get what I need for parts......anyone have experience with this...
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    Kids ATV/MX riding gear

    Anyone have any used chest protectors kicking around that they want to sell, looking for some gear for my little guy, he is 5 and could use a chest protector and some boots fo his first quad. Let m know what ya have. Thanks.
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