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  1. sumsupport

    Vote for Calgary Stampede Interns

    We have until May 22 to help choose the Intern's for the stampede, you can vote everyday. The son of one of the best neighbours I've ever had is in this contest, Ted Stovin and Katy Lucas. Let's help him out!! This kid is incredible, he's a young guy already running two of his own, very...
  2. sumsupport

    Red Deer to GP Run for Slave Lake Evacuaees

    Jo Dumont Fitness has a U-Haul ready to go to GP ASAP, but needs a driver who can leave the unit there. It's a lot to ask but thought I should spread the word. If anyone can help out, please call Shelley at 403-505-3354.
  3. sumsupport

    Interesting tidbits

    Here's one for femme and sledpiggy and any other adorable preggo's :beer: A "groaning cake" was made when a mother goes into labour, the mother breaks the eggs and mixes the batter herself, and the smell of the cake baking is supposed to ease the pains!
  4. sumsupport

    Split Cedar Rails - Where?

    The boss is looking for 16' split cedar rails for fencing, he figured McBride would be about the closest place to get some. Does anyone have any hints? :beer:
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