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  1. RXN

    2021/2022 Avalanche reports

    Just seen this on the MIN. Anyone have or know any more information? Condolences to the family and friends of the rider.
  2. RXN

    Black Friday sales

    Anyone find any good ones? Went looking for a winter jacket. My old FXR one is 18years old. Figured maybe its time. Checked a few places not much to choose from. Hardly any 2XLs.
  3. RXN

    This would be kinda like derailing a train by throwing a rock at it. Overall is is kinda cool.
  4. RXN

    BCA old beacon trade in

    This is pretty cool. Good on them for offering this.
  5. RXN

    A neat little read Something i never would of considered.
  6. RXN

    509 freeride gloves

    XL 509 Freeride gloves. Paid 120. Asking 50 Located near Gibbons.
  7. RXN

    Stuff for sale.

    Some items are already posted. Some i don't have pictures for. Ask And I can send some Sos shovel with probes in handle = $30 (Please do not use these probes. They are 7ft long and thin as a noodle. The shovel is good, probes bad, but they came together, they can leave together) Volie shovel...
  8. RXN

    Solar flare Wow. Thats neat
  9. RXN

    For Sale - Snowpluse 3.0 highmark 13L Avy bag

    Selling my Snowpluse 3.0 Highmark 13L bag. Has the test key (tigger auto resets so unlike the older bags no trigger pin reset tool is used on these bags). Has two full cylinders. And 2 packs of rupture discs should you have to refill a cylinder. I tested the trigger yearly. But never...
  10. RXN

    Large Clam shell tunnel bag

    Selling my spare Arctic Cat clam shell bag. This is the large one. My main one the zipper broke. So i bought and ran this until the zipper was replaced. No need for this one anymore. Complete with the mounting cam lock posts. Asking 150.00 Paid two something for it a couple seasons ago...
  11. RXN

    anyone want to ride?

    So the weather looks crappy. but these are mud machines, Invite is a little late, there is a few of us heading up towards Chump lake tomorrow, I've never been, We've got a local showing us around. if anyone else wishes to join in the fun. Let me know, Plan on meeting at 10 am at the staging...
  12. RXN

    A little shaking going on.
  13. RXN

    Whats going on with TORE?

    There is a petition on Facebook to reopen/keep it open. Anyone know the reason? Or what the story is?
  14. RXN

    Cats 22 clutches

    I'll probably buy one of these for the 2023 season. Hopefully they last a little longer then the previous ones. I also like you can replace rollers now, unlike the the one in my 19
  15. RXN


    Anyone ride with the Jetwear brand? How is it? I was told its the same material TOBE uses. Just debating if I should give it a go
  16. RXN

    Garmin Inreach

    Seen a post on Facebook that the inreach is discontinued. Anyone know anything about that? My google searches showed that the explorer and SE are discontinued. I'm assuming they are moving forward with the minis now that everything pairs to your phone. However I didn't find much. I also tried...
  17. RXN

    Nordegg Saturday Sept 18th

    A few of us are meeting at the A&W in Rocky. 930am. And heading out by Nordegg. I personally have no idea what to expect or where exactly we are riding. Going with my buddies Dad. He said theres a few areas in the Brazuea mountain range he wants to explore. Open invite if anyone wishes to join
  18. RXN

    Bringing back the Mammoth,

    What could possibly go wrong. They must have watched the Jurassic Park documentaries and decided they can do better. Its not like we got anything better to spend 15 billion on...
  19. RXN

    A few pictures from today

  20. RXN

    UTV fatality Hate reading these. Condolences to the family and friends.
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