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  1. 240Turbo

    T3 Sled almost burnt up

    Was towing buddies sled out, my sled was working hard. Probe in the exhaust pipe loosened and come out of the pipe right below the air box and started the plastic on fire, threw loads of snow on it and was able to get the fire out. What can be used to help hold the probe in place? Some kind of...
  2. 240Turbo

    Mentally sketched to ride?

    Two years ago while riding in Salmon I crashed and broke the tibia plateau in my left knee in multiple pieces. Had surgery with a great surgeon. Two large plates and sixteen screws later holding it all together. Following many days of physio and continued training ever since so that I reduce any...
  3. 240Turbo

    Forscan ELM327 for 2017 F150

    Looking for someone (Sherwood Park/Edmonton) that can make some changes. Anyone have the know how?
  4. 240Turbo

    Vancouver to Edmonton

    Anyone in need of getting a pick up to Edmonton from Vancouver? i have a boat in Vancouver that I need to get to Edmonton. If so give me a pm. Will be renting otherwise so thought I'd throw it out there.
  5. 240Turbo

    Sledders a bad name!!

    Gotta tell this little story of an event that happen about 10 days ago. Thought plenty if I should say anything or not, so here it is. I am going to be as descriptive as possible because I am quite sure this DUDE will read this and know exactly what a PUTZ he is! In Sherwood Park, heading...
  6. 240Turbo

    Crazy day gettin into Salm

    Started out with one buddy hittin the rubarb 2.5 k up the trail, my kid blew a belt on the trail a few k up then another buddy took out an A Arm goin up. Once we got up and into the trail it was trenched out and quite icy in spots but not that big a deal the six of us got to the last small...
  7. 240Turbo

    Trailer batteries..

    Looking to Upgrade the batteries in my sled trailer. What size, type or how many batteries that will run for a night or two??? Running lights, forced air furnace w/2 fans and stereo etc. Trailer is a 22'. Big Cat battery or a couple 6 volts?
  8. 240Turbo

    Misc. Oilfield Equip for Sale.

    Looking for a good site similar to lets say a Kijiji that I can post misc. equip. Any thoughts? Thanks,
  9. 240Turbo

    Raptor Shock problem on 15, T3 skid

    Run up a bumpy trail for 15 minutes and the rear skid is sagged out, very little suspension remaining. Let it sit for awhile and the suspension comes back to full height. As the sled sits now it is in my shop with zero sag. Collapses and rebounds as it should. Anyone run into this problem or...
  10. 240Turbo

    Winter Driving

    Just a little refresher. We do it for avys!! Some of us need to think about our sh&tty driving habits as we drive through the hills during inclement weather!! See the link? Take the quiz!! Shift Into Winter Driving Quiz
  11. 240Turbo

    Wire LED into 2012 F350

    Looking for advice on how to wire my LED light bar, and there are no upfitter switches. Would like an on/off switch, but would control the light though the hi beams and there is no harness for the light. Been told it can be done. Most likely need relays and that's where the issue lies as far...
  12. 240Turbo

    Oil get first pick!!

    Another first! Unbelievable!!!!
  13. 240Turbo

    Best Battery Reconditioner

    Have some batteries that I think are still good but want to bring them back the right way. Anyone have experience using a reconditioner?
  14. 240Turbo

    Copeman Healthcare

    Private individual healthcare providers with a substantial fee. Anyone have experience with this type of service?
  15. 240Turbo

    Track speed T3

    163" T3. Lookin to find out what is expected for track speed on a typical stock set up pulling a hill in good powder?
  16. 240Turbo

    Nytro Mcx 270 test injectors

    How do you test Mcx injectors? Think one is stuck open and want to test them. In Sicimous and in a bind. Thanks
  17. 240Turbo

    T3 Bent drive shaft

    Anyone have this issue? 8 kms on the sled and recently out of a local shop. Not my sled, but If this is an issue mine will be going in before I go to the hills!!
  18. 240Turbo

    Heading to the hills??

    Just want to put a shout out to all the guys and gals heading to the hills this weekend. As we all know the roads are crazy right now and I know we have all drivin in this weather before, but just go easy! Get there safe, ride safe and get home safe. We all know it but some forget in the...
  19. 240Turbo

    My keyboard isn't hooped!!

    Anyone here having the same issue when typing threads or posts?? Only happening when on S&M. Strange shat goin on!!
  20. 240Turbo

    F350 2012 Headlights

    Looking at upgrading factory headlights on my 2012. Want to change the complete assembly not just bulbs or a conversion. Looking for good clean light that is much improved from existing and that I'm not going to get hassled about when I go into BC. Any recommendations on which way to go Xenon...
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