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  1. drew562

    Movies. The hit man’s body guard.

    I just watched this whole movie. Salma Hayek must have shot blanks at 100 people At least. Not one died from real bullets. Lol
  2. drew562

    Freedom fight at the Edmonton legislative grounds

    Pat King is Serving the Alberta and the federal Trudeau government with legal documents. He is sitting in there for 21 days and not leaving until they acknowledge these documents. He is fighting for freedom and needs our support. I’m going down to hang out with him today and get to know him as...
  3. drew562

    Saved money. Harley 131 no longer a dream

    All I can say is wow. Stage 4 works awesome. 140tq with a break in tune and under 5000rpm red line. Went for a couple rides on it so far. Just quick rips. Need 1000 km for break in. Then Harley-Davidson of Edmonton has a couple minor bugs to work out on my final Dyno tune on Tuesday then sock...
  4. drew562

    Harley stuff

    2019 road glide CVO exhaust from head to tip complete.. screaming eagle mufflers are brand new.$500 I have a barely used boom audio 2 set up from a 2019 road glide cvo . two Dash speakers and two bag lid speakers and 2 amps. Like new. All Rockford. All set up only $1000 Any interest in a 117”...
  5. drew562

    One year Covid anniversary

    One year Covid anniversary. We’ve been fighting the worlds worst pandemic. I’m shocked to find out we still have old people with how deadly this disease is. LOL Anybody Else done with this **** yet
  6. drew562

    2020 albertan snow checks

    With all the craziness going on I’m starting to think I’d be nuts to pick up my $22,000 turbo skidoo. Last year due to Covid I rode barely 1000 miles in BC. I can’t be the only one out there second-guessing a snow check ?? We won’t really know what’s going on in the world until the American...
  7. drew562

    Elizebeth Warren

    So Warren just dropped out of her 2nd race. The presidential race. The first one was the Cherokee race. Lol
  8. drew562

    mint alpha
  9. drew562

    Hot tubs

    I’m tub shopping. Kijiji is full of used ones. Most say barely used. Is new worth it ? Im sure some on here have had many tubs. Any advise for first time buyer ?
  10. drew562

    2020 riot

    I rode the 2020 riot yesterday. Fields rivers big drifts and that Sled eats it all up. It makes by high country 141 feel like a dinosaur. That new riot is set up great with light steering, super zippy motor and wicked shock set up. I will be posting my 2018 high country for sale and I’m going to...
  11. drew562

    Drew562 experiences leaving doos

    A big part of the season is done and I have been smashing my new cats. 2018 highcountry 141 and 2019 165 alpha. Oil. Have lots left. Unreal how little they use. The highcountry ran all winter on one belt. Zero issues. 1300miles. I love that sled. This weekend I rode local. The temps were warm...
  12. drew562

    3 more idiots

    Revy sar flew 3 guys off frisby this am. Near dead mans creek . For the first 12 days of this year 15 rescues. Unreal. We rode hard yesterday. Ate supper and the spot call came in. My SAR friends were exhausted and dreaded going back last night. People have to get smart and use they’re heads...
  13. drew562

    Dickhead quaders

    It was great that the Alberta Beach snowmobile club groomed the trails one last time last week. Just in time for all the quads to come out for a beautiful Saturday of vandalizim to the absolutely smooth trail. I don’t get it. I wasn’t out but my family cut they’re ride early as they couldn’t...
  14. drew562

    Z1 turbo muffler

    Its a long shot but does anyone have a used can for a 2009-2011 z1 turbo.
  15. drew562

    2018 summit belt temps

    Due to work I’m busy and off to a late riding start. How’s the belt temps on the 850 this year vs last year.
  16. drew562

    Brule dunes

    Heading to brule Sunday. Been 5 years or so. Can I still park by the overlander lodge ? We will be towing a 30' car hauler
  17. drew562

    Courtenay motorsports

    Stew the owner posted on FB today they will be doing all 850 updates including the ones BRP isn't paying for... free to all of the customers who bought a 2017 850. People always ask me why I dont deal with BRP in Alberta. Here's one more reason. For those who are getting updates done maybe let...
  18. drew562

    Selling my doo's

    So it's time for a change. Getting a totally different sled will make riding brand new again. Polaris axis 163-3" is where I'm headed. Tell me why I should or shouldn't buy one. We've never had a polaris in our group. I buy new sleds every year and need my rides to last 40-60 days of hard riding.
  19. drew562

    Cooker can

    Looking for a sled shed cooker can. Hoping to find a used one. Anyone ? Skidoo t3 xm
  20. drew562

    Oil sale

    Anyone know if Martin Motorsports or riverside will be have skidoo synthetic oil sale again this year ? I need 40-50 litres. How about any suggestions on where to be Doo oil bulk ?
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