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    Funny mowers
  2. QMAO

    This person caused me lifelong pain.

    Canadian tire sells a battery operated pump for fuel also. Much easier than bending over holding a full jerry can and waiting for can to vent. Only seen 2 people use it and they thought it was ok.
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    This person caused me lifelong pain.

    Jerry cans a a huge PIA with no vent hole. I put a #8 screw hole in the handle. Remove the screw and it vents.
  4. QMAO

    Rzr rear spindles grease fittings

    I drilled, tapped and installed zerks earlier this spring also, the new bushings are tight enough that it is hard to get any grease in. After a few rides a coule zerks took grease. My theory is that if i know there is grease in there, there i no room for mud and water.
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    where to ride close to red deer?

    south fork? Medicine Lake...
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    F1 Metal Polish

    So here`s bringing back an old thread, Doing some polishing and would like to get my hands on more of this product. Hands down, It is good stuff.I did phone the number on the bottle but it seemed as though it was a family residence. Anyone know where I might get it?
  7. QMAO

    XPS Cleaner and Degreaser

    LOL, If you want to demo some cleaner, should you not start with something dirty??
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    red deer suds buds campouts

    Swan Lake.....
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    What did you do for your ATV today?

    what length? how many little speaker thingys.... Let me know if you would like a price on this ...
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    What did you do for your ATV today?

    Ray, you should let me know what you are interested in for a sound bar. I can get a few brands.
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    What did you do for your ATV today?

  12. QMAO

    Rapid Revolutions Closing - Febraury 10, 2020

    Lets hope they are only moving and re organizing........Psst. you did not here this from me...
  13. QMAO

    Curved a-arm install

    These look to beefier than what they make for SXS.
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    what are you listening to.... RIGHT NOW????

    been hooked on listening to this band lately...
  15. QMAO

    tracking device

    LOL, Crazy what people are asking for barking security systems these days too... Dogs go out and do what dogs do, and the owners sell the pups for $600.00 each...
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    Humorous Kijiji Adds
  17. QMAO

    Yamaha Grizzly 700 or Suzuki King Quad 750

    I test drove a grizzly once, immediately after sitting on the seat the first thing I noticed was that the clutch cover sticking out to where my ankle was rubbing on the cover. Turned me off from buying one.
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    Cancelling cable and streaming TV

    the Netflix, Amazon Prime and now Disney are all paid apps,,,there are better options.
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    Cancelling cable and streaming TV

    Anyone looking to purchase a streaming box should look into the Ghostware box. Free 24/7 support. free auto updates. Totally custom firmware on the boxes. There are reps in Edmonton. 6 or 8 in Alberta, about 80 reps world wide. Or for more info contact me
  20. QMAO

    Curse of Oak Island

    So with the new season of Curse of Oak Island, is anyone a follower of the show. Where do you think they will seach? Is there a ship in the cove?
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