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  1. cancritter

    Imigration to rise to 450,000 a year

    well folks sounds like big buiss wants to replace our ass,s with cheap labor....are you ready to give up your jobs and kids futures? lm willing to stand up and say no...are you? you wana end up like france and England..are you ready for sharia law? copy and paste...
  2. cancritter

    Our Gear toxic??

    Greenpeace tests find toxic chemicals in outdoor gear
  3. cancritter

    Arent you glad you drive a ford to pull your sleds...

    Top 10: Most Stolen Cars in Canada in 2014 | Car News | Auto123 Do you own an old Ford F-350 or F-250 pickup? If so, you should seriously worry about car thieves, as evidenced by the list of the most stolen vehicles in Canada in 2014 published by DesRosiers Automotive and Statistics Canada...
  4. cancritter


    worked my butt off day in day out all year and finally get a little time off to go wander and cant because my ridein buddies are all back in Manitoba and not one to ride alone anymore :realmad::nono::(....... so here l sit lookin out the window at the snow comeing down wonderin what the...
  5. cancritter

    TOBE mono suits....

    anywhere to find these in Calgary....finding decent gear here bites
  6. cancritter

    where to go in the calgary region ....

    after workin my butt off last 7 mnths have rest of dec off...and a new sled sittin way to much last 2 winters...would like to get out to do some rideing but not shure where around the Calgary region...not looking for anything to technical...just wana get out and ride some trails and git some...
  7. cancritter

    border crossin issues

    used to go down to LA to visit realitives about every year..when 911 hit things got weird and they wouldn't let me across and gave no reason as to why....anyway my realatives are getting on and would like to see them...anyone had this issue and used a lawyer or buiss to sort it out for buisss...
  8. cancritter

    enviromentalists gunnin for you folks...

    Data shows Alberta off-road vehicle use unsustainable, environmental group says
  9. cancritter

    play safe

    play safe folks..use yer heads and don't fergit yer tethers!!
  10. cancritter

    first snowmobile

    Fordson Snowmobile 1929 Concept Reel - Agriculture Technologies
  11. cancritter

    trailer shelveing?

    looking to find some wire shelveing baskets like this..anyone know where to find in Calgary?
  12. cancritter

    black ice folding sled ramps

    looking for a set..anyone know of any dealers in alberta that carry them?
  13. cancritter

    Almost there

    Been getting 2014 bcx 600 ready with basic mods. Hopeing to go for first ride in 30+ years without tommorow or sunday. Funny thing is am probally one of the last few to get sled... Took look at sin.. Ev000007 :)
  14. cancritter

    info/BCX 14 width

    getting ready to go pick up BCX next week..just finishing up my homemade ramp and don't have demensions needed to weld some ramp hooks on a flatdeck.. checked specs at BRP and got two for width 45.6in and 47.4 in... can l assume that these two widths are for the two positions skis can be put...
  15. cancritter

    crappy tire sale

    seen this...may interest some..hard to go wrong for 50 bucks
  16. cancritter

    clutch brace question

    been readin a lot re clutch tower issues and this primarily a 800 issue or should l be concerned with a 14 bcx 600?
  17. cancritter

    skidoo curved A arms

    been readin about alota folks smokein rocks ect with A arms...thinkin l should grab a set of these A arms from skidoo and save myself some headaches....these good idea..bad idea...anyone using these A arms? Ski-Doo Curved Lower A-Arms Kit - SHOCKS, SUSPENSIONS & KITS Thanx
  18. cancritter

    amsoil interceptor synthetics

    thoughts? and use in a 14/600 AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR Performance Testing in a Ski-Doo E-TEC Engine - YouTube
  19. cancritter

    riveting 101/walt disney

    Disney Cartoon - Four Methods Of Flush Riveting - Aircraft Manufacturing - YouTube
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