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  1. kovs

    Tree bashing bumper idea

    Had some time on my hands since It rained and couldn't harvest so I built dies to bend the tubing and tried it out. Gonna have to cut another piece and build myself a complete bumper. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. kovs

    F/S H&S Mini Maxx tuner

    Brand new never opened still in plastic, $975 cash - just want what i paid for it, most places want $1100+ for them
  3. kovs

    running boards

    Hello, i am wondering if anyone on here who has put on aftermarket running boards and hasnt thrown them out would be interested in sending to me, i just want a chunk of the factory grip to cut and put on the back of the brace tube on my switchback assault. wouldnt need to be a huge piece...
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