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  1. brutematt750

    Favorite beer? Can or bottle? Cold or room temp?

    Or $6 and puking. Lol
  2. brutematt750

    Humorous Kijiji Adds

    What amazes me the most is that it actually made it the many kms. Lol
  3. brutematt750

    Atwood RV furnace

    Whatever this switch is I pulled the wires scratched the connections and put back together. Fixed the same problem your havin
  4. brutematt750

    2001 valkyrie at the top of beartooth pass on july 1

    Very nice. I asked my wife to marry me at the top of the bear tooth during a bike trip.
  5. brutematt750

    Random Pictures Thread

    Thanks teach. Wasn’t sure
  6. brutematt750

    Random Pictures Thread

    There oversized. [emoji2957]
  7. brutematt750

    Humorous Kijiji Adds

    Only “used “ to haul the trailer to bc. Rest where daily driving , those don’t count as being used. Lol
  8. brutematt750

    Pictures of the Cheesiest Chit ever!!!

    Some minor trimming and it’ll fit 35’s [emoji23]
  9. brutematt750

    Let's Talk...... Pressure Washers

    Holy chit did the price of pressure washers go up ! I haven’t looked at them for years since I bought mine. But they look like they’ve doubled in price.
  10. brutematt750

    another new customer in the Shuswap

    Looking good. What’s it going to have under/in it ?
  11. brutematt750

    what do you camp in.

    2 , bed slide up top then standard couch/table slide. Quad bunks in the back , great setup for the family. I’ve had it senile my first born was 3 months 9 th summer in it.
  12. brutematt750

    what do you camp in.

    2006 crossroads cruiser 30’
  13. brutematt750

    what do you camp in.

    Donalda, home to the world’s largest oil lamp ! Haha
  14. brutematt750

    Bar Risers...Success!

    Something 2” taller and 2” back would probably work good and you probably wouldn’t need new cables
  15. brutematt750

    Bar Risers...Success!

    I had them on a quad. Worked good.
  16. brutematt750

    What Did You Do In Ur Garage?

    Shined up the wife’s new whip
  17. brutematt750

    New SXS, have some questions

    I use to ratchet strap mine in when the kids were in car seats. Worked great and the seats didn’t move an inch.
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