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  1. Uturn

    Looking for takeoff HD mufflers

    Previous owner of my bike removed the baffles completely and its just a bit too loud on the highway for me. Can't find a set of Yamaha Royal Star mufflers to fit my 09. The HD mufflers are almost a direct bolt on. There are a few on Kijiji, but thought I would try here first.
  2. Uturn

    509 Tactical Helmet and Goggle Raffle

    BOS Motorsports are auctioning off a new 509 Tactical Helmet and goggles with the proceeds going to Avalanche Canada. I won this at their open house and wanted to auction it off for a great cause. Winner gets to pick the size helmet. Its in the Avalanche Awareness section, follow link below...
  3. Uturn

    Questions about Toy Hauler garage size.

    We are starting to look at toy haulers for our snowbird years. The garage will have to fit a touring bike and a 2 up quad(wifey rarely quads, but need that option) Will a fully loaded touring bike and a quad fit side by side in a 12 ft garage? Thanks
  4. Uturn

    Yamaha 3rd Gen Venture Touring Bike

    June 5th Yamaha introduced the new Star Venture. Yamaha introduced a new V twin touring bike that looks alot like the other V twin touring bikes on the market. It does have some new hi tech gadgets, but its basically a Stratoliner in full touring trim. Price on the fully decked out...
  5. Uturn

    Edmonton Motorcycle Show Jan 13-15th, 2017

    Who's going and what are you looking at/buying? I'm going to look at communication systems and some wet riding gear. Haven't been to anything but the sled show in decades, hope there are similar deals to be found.
  6. Uturn

    Complete Avalanche package in classifieds

    Check out the classified section for a great deal on any bag, beacon, probe and shovel.
  7. Uturn

    Riding in November.

    While I'm sure the sledding guys are getting frustrated with the lack of snow, what great weather to head out and get some road therapy!! Managed to put on close to 400 km yesterday in the Edmonton area. It was warm enough west of the city to take the liner out of my jacket. +21C in Barrhead...
  8. Uturn

    3M tape on your street bike

    Has anyone used this on their bike? Where did you get it done? How much did it cost. Thinking about adding a some protection on the fairing, lower bags and on the corners of the trunk where I keep hitting it with my boot when getting off.
  9. Uturn

    Looking for Feedback on Touring Bike Options.

    Looking at purchasing a touring bike this Spring. It will be ridden solo 95%, but I still need a comfortable passenger set up for the times the wife goes for a ride. Most of the miles I put on solo will be on longer trips (Southern BC, Vancouver, Pacific Coast Highway, Going to the Sun Road)...
  10. Uturn

    Trade snowmobile for Cruiser or Touring Bike

    With the end of bike season around the corner and winter riding just a few months away, I have my low mileage 2008 M1000 with lots of extras for sale or trade for a 900 cc or larger cruiser or touring bike. I would add cash for the right bike. My preference would be a 1300 Honda or Yamaha...
  11. Uturn

    How to set up a home network???

    My teenagers are chewing up our internet at an amazing rate. Living in the country, we are limited to 60GB a month, which is usually used up by the 15th. Rest of month spent on throttled internet. Short of blocking them totally, I need to figure out a better system. I would like to be able...
  12. Uturn

    How do I get to my PM's???

    Clicked all the drop down menu's, where are they???
  13. Uturn

    Any electricians familiar with Insteon Home Automation

    Looking to add some Insteon 6/8 Keypalincs and Insteon dimmers to the new house project and would like some information on 3 way/4way circuits using both dimmers and keypads. Want to bounce some ideas off anyone who has installed these.:d Post or PM me. Thanks
  14. Uturn

    March 2011 Conditions

    OK, I'll start this one!!!:d
  15. Uturn

    08 M1000 reflash, yes or no?

    07/08 M1000 reflash, yes or no? I know there are a lot of 08's that had the reflash done, but there seems to be a lot that decided not too. I'm bought an 08 that hasn't had the reflash done, and is quite burbly in the bottom end. Previous owner had full SLP pipe and BD box, but it was...
  16. Uturn

    Looking for a 05 EFI King Cat fuel pump

    I need a new or used fuel pump for an 05 King cat. Let me know what you have. Tried all the local dealers, have to order it in, so a used one would be prefered. Thanks
  17. Uturn

    Post pics of your house build

    There are several of us on here building new houses this year. Some are getting them built, and some of us are being our own general contractors. Post up your pics!!!:beer:
  18. Uturn

    Looking for framer in Ardrossan area

    Building a 1720 sq ft walkout bungalow with 24 x 26 attached garage on our acreage near Ardrossan. Started checking out framers, but thought I would see if anyone here is interested. Target is for framing late July or early Aug. PM me if you are interested and I can e-mail a set of .pdf plans...
  19. Uturn

    Anyone a Structural Engineer

    Building my own house and need engineering approval for 13'-5" attached garage walls(24'x26'). I can send .pdf files. Need price for approval letter and inspection before wall closure and how long to complete. I'm 5 minutes out of Sherwood Park.:d PM me. Thanks
  20. Uturn

    Need a surveyor to update Real Property Report

    I'm building a new house on the land we have by Ardrossan. I have the real property report from when we bought the place in 97. Only major changes are new detached garage and moved a small greenhouse and a couple of sheds. I need to update for permits in Strathcona County. I know where both...
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