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  1. catrutt

    Skidoo Turbo Issue with bogging at times Deep Snow

    What about the lemon law or is that just for cars and trucks?
  2. catrutt

    Installing T3 x 163 track on 165 G4 - Inquiry

  3. catrutt

    2021-2022 Sled Builds

    What is on the T motion?
  4. catrutt

    Fernie Season 2021/2022

    I think if you were really on the gas you might make it. LOL . Very sad to see all the damage.
  5. catrutt

    To the "experts"; thoughts and insights please.

    My dad has a 2011 f350 and it doesn't matter how new or good the battery is the truck will always kill the battery in just over a week. Small solar charger on the dash in the cig lighter when sitting for a long time fixed it.
  6. catrutt

    GEN4 Tunnel Cut

    Does it really make that much difference to how the sled acts in the snow?
  7. catrutt

    Injection oil?

    Yes the shell is blue and really good oil . I used it in my 670 summit never a problem.
  8. catrutt

    lubricate throttle cable

    Small amount of thin lube every trip works wonders.
  9. catrutt

    Old school CAN-AM

    I can't wait for the next gen to ride it.
  10. catrutt

    Track support on sled deck

    8 foot deck is better get one of those flip up add on extender .
  11. catrutt

    Old school CAN-AM

    Thanks . I really lucked out finding it .. a true barn find. Has every thing original including the spark plug tires chain plastics. Had to reseal forks and charge the shock but the rest of the bike was amazing. I took it all apart cleaned and clear coated . Vintage Roost was really great for...
  12. catrutt

    Random Pictures Thread

    Also did one of these
  13. catrutt

    Old school CAN-AM

    Nice I had a 175 just like that . This [new one] 1986 is actually pretty good.
  14. catrutt

    Random Pictures Thread

    I just restored one of these.
  15. catrutt

    Old school CAN-AM

    I just restored one of these.
  16. catrutt

    New estimates on how much longer the chip shortage will last

    I heard today that toyota saw this problem coming and pre ordered a boat load of semiconductors. Their sales are smoking everybody else around the world.
  17. catrutt

    Alpha vs Mountain Max

    Didn't the max have different [better] clutches than the cat.
  18. catrutt

    New GM 6.6 gaser

    I am looking for a new 2500 . Does anyone have the 6.6 gas motor ? What do you think of it?
  19. catrutt

    Hot week ahead

    Tough sleeping on the houseboat the last few days . Up to your neck in water was where you needed to be. Big thanks to Sicamous Houseboats what a great and friendly crew they have everything was amazing.
  20. catrutt

    Let's Talk...... Pressure Washers

    RE 130 plus x2
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