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  1. catinthehat

    New BC closures for off-road use including snowmobiling.

    Better get used to closures. Looks like this is going to be the latest method of closing to motorized recreation. I can see the precedent this sets being used for every wildfire from now on until the NDP gets voted out.
  2. catinthehat

    Septic Systems

    Are you sure it's the field? Couple years ago I thought mine was done as it was slow draining from the house and eventually stopped altogether. Got the pumper truck in to check tank first and found a plug at the tank inlet. Rodded that clear and has been good since, touch wood. Check with the...
  3. catinthehat

    Where to camp? Kelowna to Fernie

    I haven't been through there yet this year but it is mostly a good gravel road. If you are thinking of dragging a trailer take it slow and you'll be fine. Keep in mind it's about 70 km pavement to pavement and very little, if any, cell service. Watch for logging trucks, they go like hell...
  4. catinthehat

    Where to camp? Kelowna to Fernie

    Check out the Provincial park in Yahk. It's a great spot to relax and stroll the river. 5 minute walk to Two Scoop Steves for ice cream. There's a private one behind the store that is nice as well.
  5. catinthehat

    Tumbler Ridge Losing Area due to Caribou

    This is part of it.. The Greenies are calling for total protection of ALL caribou habitat.... Without further protections caribou likely to disappear | Columbia Valley, Cranbrook, East Kootenay, Kimberley
  6. catinthehat

    Caribou closures

    This is part of the reason.. The greenies are calling for total protection of ALL caribou habitat in BC. Without further protections caribou likely to disappear | Columbia Valley, Cranbrook, East Kootenay, Kimberley
  7. catinthehat

    Bill 64 - Random Camping Proposed Fees

    As I read through this thread I have to wonder how many of the posters Whining about an ANNUAL fee of $30 is excessive and yet think nothing of spending $30 for a DAY pass to go sledding. Too funny.
  8. catinthehat

    RCMP in parking lots

    Registration is mandatory in BC. As long as you are registered in your home province that is all that's required. Don't whine about being fined for breaking the law.
  9. catinthehat

    Fernie season 2020/2021

    Not sure where you live, but at my place just outside Cranbrook we are lucky to have a third of the normal snow level in the yard. The snow pack in some areas of the mountains is close to 70% though.
  10. catinthehat

    BC bush closing in the Board Room stage??

    That's what helicopters are for. The same as enforcing the Caribou closures.
  11. catinthehat

    BC Shutdown?

    Here's todays bull****.
  12. catinthehat

    What Kind of Tree is This ?

    Found its mate..
  13. catinthehat

    can black celebrities get involved to prevent black on black crime

    The only black celebrities todays youth seem to want to emulate are the rappers and gangsta's. Their music is all about violence and the videos and lifestyle they portray are only furthering this perception. JMHO.
  14. catinthehat

    Favorite bc off the grid areas?

    There's no water there so his wife the fish wouldn't be to happy.;)
  15. catinthehat

    Honda EU 3000 service manual needed

    Try They have lots of pdf manuals.
  16. catinthehat

    Dirt biking in bc

    Haven't you heard? You're not wanted in BC at all.. JK. LOL In BC you need both liability insurance and registration. As well as a valid drivers license, don't know how people with kids are dealing with this. Might pay to check the government website for info. Good luck navigating that.
  17. catinthehat

    15 outty fan not turning on

    My sons 2012 RZR overheated yesterday. After swapping relays around and the fan still not coming on we unplugged and hot wired the fan to finish the day. Suspect it will be the sending unit( whatever form that takes). If you can trace wires back from the fan motor you might find a plug like we...
  18. catinthehat

    Fernie Ski Hill - RCMP SWAT team arrest suspect

    Was wondering about that myself. Not even anything on social media, how does something like this occur and not get on Facebook?
  19. catinthehat

    Fernie Ski Hill - RCMP SWAT team arrest suspect

    This is Snow and Mud. No thread stays on topic here.
  20. catinthehat

    Household trash and lockdown

    While I admire your ingenuity, I thought those types of fires were banned at the moment. Might want to check before you get a fine.
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