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  1. DDrake

    Ecko Marine - Alberta Beach

    You are right but they made it pretty well impossible for them to stay in business.
  2. DDrake

    Interesting Story

    My son found an Iphone 8 on the trails just east of Darwell last spring that after sitting in rice for a week powered right up. Date showed that it had sat on the trails for about 3 weeks. Posted on all the forums in our area that I am on and never did find the owner. Think we still have the...
  3. DDrake

    Look what wife found in a Yard sale

    Re: Look what wife found a Yard sale Awesome stuff bud. Sweet car and pretty cool story to go with it.
  4. DDrake

    Ecko Marine - Alberta Beach

    Seems like the new way of doing business for Cat also with the shuttering of T&T in Bonneyville. Sad times IMO
  5. DDrake

    Fire arms permit renewal

    I received my reminder in the mail about 6 months prior to expiration date Tyler.
  6. DDrake

    Switching teams

    What year is this one Chris, track length. best of luck to ya.
  7. DDrake

    Considering SxS

    We bought a 2015 Wildcat trail about a year or so ago. Have not used it as much as we would like but we have around 600 km without any issues so far. Buying used is a bit of a guessing game as far as condition and maintenance goes. A good cleaning and some detail work can mask a lot of issues...
  8. DDrake

    Bighorn Area needs your help

    Done...... Filler out boys n girls while you still can....
  9. DDrake

    New truck price

    Nice truck Dan.
  10. DDrake

    bad news

    Hopefully they go away for a very long time but somehow I doubt that will happen.
  11. DDrake

    bad news

    Sad news indeed. Condolences to friends, family and all first responders involved. Hopefully the perpetrators resist arrest when they are caught and justice is swift and final. Save the taxpayers some money.
  12. DDrake

    Humboldt Broncos, horrifying!

    Deepest condolences to all involved. Horrible loss for so many. RIP to all...
  13. DDrake

    Looking for a Starter Motor

    Hey Teth-Air what would your pricing on a 13 Proclimb starter be? I have to check my relay first but I am thinking I may need a starter motor. If you could PM me when you get a chance I would appreciate it. Thanks Derek
  14. DDrake

    Texting while driving....

    A friend at work who used to work overseas told me that in Sweden that if your phone is on while travelling in a vehicle that you receive a fine in the mail even if you are a passenger in the vehicle.Basically if you are in a vehicle your phone must be off. Don't know if this is correct or not...
  15. DDrake

    Anyone able to tell me when my warranty is up

    You should be able to phone any dealer of your brand and have them run your Vin and they should be able to tell instantly I think.
  16. DDrake

    18 Mountain Cat 162

    I personally haven't ridden an AXYS but I have spent a couple hours on an 18 Mountain Cat. It is an awesome machine,as to which one is better it all comes down to personal preference IMO. They are all great machines today. Pick the one that you feel most comfortable on and get out there and make...
  17. DDrake

    STOLEN Near Westlock Alberta

    F#@kin thieves. I hope you get your stuff back.
  18. DDrake

    new trailer all aluminum or steel/alum

    Sorry you lost your stuff bud. I have a steel frame aluminum body enclosed TNT 22' that we bought new 5 yrs ago that is holding up nicely. If you are doing a lot of bush roads with rough terrain then I think the steel frame will hold up a little better than aluminum IMO but there is a weight...
  19. DDrake

    Riding at the Lake 2017

    BAST@#$S.... I hope your son and his friend get their stuff back and they catch the aholes.
  20. DDrake

    Rally Time; Swan Hills vs. Athabasca

    He has Tyler, several times. But sadly Lake Isle is a catch and release lake only so dropping them back down the hole doesn't do much to curb the appetite.
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