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  1. catrutt

    Old school CAN-AM

    I just restored one of these.
  2. catrutt

    New GM 6.6 gaser

    I am looking for a new 2500 . Does anyone have the 6.6 gas motor ? What do you think of it?
  3. catrutt

    Dirt bike boots

    What is every body using ? I have fox now but don't overly like them very hot and no feel.
  4. catrutt

    CAN-AM dirt bikes

    Is there any guys out there working on old cannedham bikes ?
  5. catrutt

    Travel trailer quality

    What is the best built trailer ? Have been looking at new ones and man they sure look slapped together.
  6. catrutt

    Turbo Paul

    Has any one watched the Best day ever on youtube with turbo Paul ! So good!
  7. catrutt

    800 engine question

    I know the early 800's had problems . Are the new ones lasting longer? If so then what year did they get fixed? What mileage can you expect before major problems?
  8. catrutt

    Auto tentioner

    I tightened the auto tentioner a few clicks past where it was to snug my very loose chain up a bit. Will this cause any problems? No more clunks when shifting from foward to reverse.
  9. catrutt

    HD rear bumper

    Has anyone used the BRP HD hitch bumper on there 165 g4?Can you put it on upside down so it curves up at the back?
  10. catrutt

    Our days are numbered.

    The corbin trail is now closed for the year and maybe longer with complete disregard of the FSA. If this is allowed to happen here who's next.We as sledders seem to have no voice, even tho we spend tons of money in the area and keep people employed.I think our days are numbered boys.
  11. catrutt

    2015 xm 600 hesitation

    I need some help with the spare sled. It runs great after it has been warmed up but when first started cold has a bad hesitation only has to run until warm up message is gone then all is good . Has had the latest program from BRP and only has 1200 km. Feels like it is lean.
  12. catrutt

    New drivers in a axys

    Why are guys putting avid drivers in there 2018 sleds?
  13. catrutt

    Updated clutch cover/cooler

    Just wanted your thoughts on the kit for 2017 and 2018 sleds to provide extra cooling.
  14. catrutt

    850 blowing motors

    I would like to know why there are so many 850's for sale that have new motors with only 3000 km.I thought they were made to run 10,000 km. The old 800 would do 5000k easy.
  15. catrutt

    2017 m8000 162 2.6 ltd

    Who has one how are they . The left overs are very tempting . Any one having problems?
  16. catrutt

    How much is it worth ?

    Is the new ...Shot...Mono rail...850...rapid reaction...T motion...powder max ...2.0...Worth what we are paying ?
  17. catrutt

    2012 800 clunking

    The noise from D to R seems to be getting a bit worse . There is no play in drive shafts or diffs . Doesn't seem to be causing a problem just more of a clunk . Would it be in the secondary? Thanks
  18. catrutt

    Grip and rip question

    Will it help to strighten out my lower control arm alignment if I put one of these braces in. The control arms are stright but left to right are a half inch out.
  19. catrutt

    Front end alignment

    My sled was a bit darty the other day and so I was checking alignment when I realized one ski was more foward than the other. Not thinking this was normal I checked a friends xm and it was the same. Then we checked another xm and it was the same but switched left to right. one ski is aprox half...
  20. catrutt

    18 mountain cat drive shaft

    Is any one breaking the aluminum driver? Is the lower gear still alunminum?
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