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  1. QMAO

    Curse of Oak Island

    So with the new season of Curse of Oak Island, is anyone a follower of the show. Where do you think they will seach? Is there a ship in the cove?
  2. QMAO

    Jackfish Lake ?

    I am planning to head out west of Rocky to Jackfish lake. I have not camped in the area before and unsure of excatly where to camp or how far north of hiway 11 I will have to go. Could anyone offer any info to how far off the hiway i will find a decent camping spot, near riding trails and...
  3. QMAO

    Looking for info.

    Planning a trip to this area end of June beginning of July. Would anyone have info on where to access and camp with a larger group? Are the trails accessable to quads and sxs? TIA for any info...
  4. QMAO

    Balancing clutches

    Has anyone had experience with or had the clutches on a sxs or sled balanced? I recently read an article on this and apparently makers of clutches are not balancing clutches as accurate as they could be. Where in Edmonton/ Alberta could anyone get this done?
  5. QMAO

    web site

    Does anyone have a website for their personal or bussiness use? How and who did you purchase the domain name through? Did you have help building and setting up the web site and how is the support? I currantly have a site and domain, but it is coming up for renewal. Looking for information...
  6. QMAO

    Mandatory helmut law?

    Heading out on a trip next week and getting my ducks in a row. Insurance, Registration, Drivers licence etc. Is there a new mandatory helmut law in Alberta? When does the law become in effect? If there is, does it have to be DOT approved?
  7. QMAO

    Trail/ Game Cam

    What does everyone use for trail cams for watching animals? What are the good and not so good about certain cameras?
  8. QMAO

    Motofist Stomper 2.0

    Found these boots on sale for 40% off. wondering how warm are they? and how people like them?
  9. QMAO

    Anyone needing stereo for SxS

    Custom stereo building for any SxS. wil work with the customer for what they want. Please visit this website... Raging Bull Audio
  10. QMAO

    Snowmobiling Jackets and bibs?

    So I am looking to purchase a decent jacket and bibs for snowmobling but my budget does not allow for Klim. My question is, has anyone have expierience with Snowforce? How does the Snowforce and Motorfist rate ? Lets start a poll on what everyone recommendes.
  11. QMAO

    Riding and camping during week

    My work schedule does not align the what I would like. Most of my days off start on a Saturday or Sunday and by the time I get home, pack trailer, load quad etc, the weekend is over and most people are heading home from camping. Just wundering if there are people who stay out camping and...
  12. QMAO

    Engineering and construction at it`s best

    Browsing the net and I came upon this Build to Fail, Fail to Build. What is this I don't even..... Quite funny that I had to share. I think most 8 year olds would build better than this guy.
  13. QMAO

    VDI Live Tuner

    Just wondering if anyone on here has the new VDI live tuner? Are you having any luck tuning with it?
  14. QMAO

    Ignition key cutting

    Long story short, but I lost an only ignition key for my street bike. I have been digging around and I have found out that I can not get a key cut from a code or the VIN. I have heard that some locksmiths can cut a key from measuring the lock (tumblers) it self. Is this possible? Does anyone...
  15. QMAO

    AFR gauge...?

    Has anyone used the Innovate LM-2 AFR gauge? I am looking at doing some tuning and I have found that this is a popular AFR set up others are using. But no one is willing to offer any information on them. Any help or information will be appreciated.
  16. QMAO

    Ya right....?

    I find this hard to believe....
  17. QMAO

    Where`s EMMA?

    Noticed that EMMA has not posted in some time now. Is she away gettin` the girls looked after?
  18. QMAO

    WI FI IP cameras

    I got myself a Dlink camera that is wireless to the network in my house and I can view it over an IP address when I am away from home. The camera also has motion detection feature that will snap a photo and E-mail it to me. Does anyone else use anything similar to this and what are your...
  19. QMAO

    Member contact ?

    I have been trying to contact a member from here by the name of Munhoes by pm but he does not reply. So does anyone have a way of contacting him other than pm's? Any info is appreciated...thanks.
  20. QMAO

    What would it be worth?

    So I have been shopping around for a new quad. I can not find any reasons not to buy another King Quad,and I have found a good deal on a 2011. I can get a 2011 750c.c. without power steering, with a winch for $9800.00 OTD. Then I went to another dealer who has brand new 2009 King Quads in...
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