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  1. moyiesledhead

    BC state of emergency.

    Ha, ha! Travel restrictions? Mother nature already looked after that.
  2. moyiesledhead

    Financing rates suck

    Ha, ha! Ya, I'm pretty sure "we" did just fine. Too bad our vote is irrelevant.
  3. moyiesledhead

    Financing rates suck

    Pretty good sign of runaway inflation. Mortgage rates hit 20% in the '80's and bankrupted a lot of people. Our memories need to be longer when we vote.
  4. moyiesledhead

    Many new vehicle technologies going unused

    Lets see. I roll my windows down by hand, unlock the door with a key, hose off my rubber floor mats, control my speed with my right foot, adjust my mirrors by hand, use my mirrors to back up......and I'm perfectly happy with that. Rarely use the AC, but I'll keep it. Can't buy a new truck off...
  5. moyiesledhead

    Another Step to 'Normal' on The Weekend - Went Out to The Movies!

    Last movie I saw in a theater was decades ago. In no hurry to do it again.
  6. moyiesledhead

    Burning bark

    Generally more bugs in the bark. That's why I left it behind if it came off easily when I was still burning wood.
  7. moyiesledhead

    Poodou Trudeau

    And yet he just won another election. It boggles my mind. :unsure: :unsure:
  8. moyiesledhead

    Fishin pics

    Well.....made the granddaughter happy.
  9. moyiesledhead

    Speaking Truth to Power

    More money in a book deal maybe? :unsure:
  10. moyiesledhead

    2021 Sled Show in Edmonton - Cancelled

    So literally every other thread on this site gets derailed at some point and......crickets. But mention covid in this one and you'll get banned. So now Snow and Mud is going to get covid censored just like the rest of the main stream anti-social media? I really thought this place was better than...
  11. moyiesledhead

    Atwood RV furnace

    Before you go to all that trouble, try blowing an air hose in the exhaust outlet. Worked for mine last time it had these symptoms. Bugs love to crawl in there and make nests. I did that last instead of first. I have a spare board now.
  12. moyiesledhead

    Commodity surcharge

    They've been making them for years. Denali decks. Lots of them around. Nothing wrong with them either, other than crappy wiring that's easy to fix for the cost savings.
  13. moyiesledhead

    Happy birthday.......

    The Moyie pub is open again this summer Doug. No kitchen yet, but a food truck in the parking lot. Haven't been there yet. Don't really do bars much any more. :sneaky:
  14. moyiesledhead

    Going to drop the writ of election on Sunday

    Yup. Passed fixed election date legislation in 2007 too. Doesn't seem to make any difference though. Politicians apparently aren't required to follow the law if it doesn't suit their personal agenda. You try it you go to jail. "The 39th Canadian Parliament passed Bill C-16, An Act to Amend the...
  15. moyiesledhead

    Today In The News.

    About time. The US has been giving it to us in the azz over lumber tariffs for years. Good to see us finally starting to send it somewhere else. (y) Kinda like what they do to you guys with oil. :unsure:
  16. moyiesledhead

    Going to drop the writ of election on Sunday

    Dream on. It'll never be repaid.
  17. moyiesledhead

    Why 75% of vehicles on roads may soon be zero-emission

    Even if you strongly support electric vehicles.....3.5% of sales to 75% in 9 years.....who actually believes that can happen? I'll still be driving the truck I have now in 9 years.
  18. moyiesledhead

    Today In The News. facts. Ok, got it.
  19. moyiesledhead

    Today In The News.

    Bad spelling and total lack of grammar aside.........I've seen you say this a number of times. Explain to us with facts just how he benefited himself. He's the only president to ever come out of the white house with a lower net worth than when he went in, and the only one to ever work for free...
  20. moyiesledhead

    The fast start to the summer fire season.

    No fires around Elkford! :common001: :common001: :common001:
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