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    My carbon kitty

    So I decided this year to step my game up a bit and go into a full carbon M8 courtesy of the guys @ WKM in Lloydminster (C3 carbon tunnel, tank and hood, custom cold air setup, C3 post forward kit), this is the first sled I have bought from them and I dealt specifically with Kerry, if you need...
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    Riding areas close to calg?

    I just moved here from lloyd in november, looking for some places to rip around on my yammi yzf450! Any input would be great!
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    FS: 2006 Centurion Air Warrior

    Centurion air warrior - Calgary Powerboats, Motorboats For Sale - Kijiji Calgary Canada. MUST SELL!! Got the new wildcat SxS on the way!! 500 finders fee for someone that helps me sell this unit!
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    Newbie from Lloydminster

    Hey guys I am new to sledding, I just picked up an 09 nytro this past weekend and cant wait for the white stuff to start falling! Right now its pretty much stock, I will be looking into throwing some boost at it in the near future though! :headbanger:
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