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  1. Waters

    Narrowing a 14 Freeride’s skis stance

    Would anyone know of a kit or otherwise that I can narrow the skis on my Freeride
  2. Waters

    13 Freeride ski Milage

    I have a 13 Freeride with about 3,400 km on it so far. When should I be thinking of doing the top end? A little background, my 13 year old (Novice rider) son rides it mostly around home but it does see 5-7 days in the mountains. I ride a 14 Summit but still has only 2,000 km on it but that's 98%...
  3. Waters

    E-TEC engine life

    What is the lifespan of the E-TEC engines? I was looking at buying a used E-TEC sled and curious about what would be considered too many miles. I got 3,200 mi on my 06 HO 800 and blew the crank. The brother in law had 2,200 on his 2011 P- TEC before he had to rebuild the top end. I’ve been told...
  4. Waters

    Broken Steering post on a 97 Summit 670

    Just broke the steering post on my 97 670 Summit. I haven't tore into it yet. Do I have to pull the motor to change the post. Dam thing broke in the centre of the upper bushing, clean break! Dean
  5. Waters

    Burnstick Lake, Ab

    Would anyone know of any good trails around Burnstick lake? I'll be camping their for the first time the end of July. Mud, Hills it's all great!
  6. Waters

    Sled Parts From Canada!

    What are some good sites to get sled/Atv parts from Canada? I've used Deinse Kirk in the past and a few other sites. The Duty and Handling charges are a little high. I'm looking for Skidoo parts but I can only find good US Sites. They are usually cheaper but then you pay Duty and handling. Who's...
  7. Waters

    Renegade Snorkel

    I'm looking for some sort of a kit for my 07 Rengade. Or I could stay out of the water... I need a snorkle. I'm curious about rkight111's snorkel kit, the picture looks good.
  8. Waters

    I got a chubbbb!

    Wow, Mud and snow in the same site. Nice to see so many from edmonton area. Much better than Nyroc!:d
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