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  1. DDrake

    Snorkeling our Wildcat Trail.

    Hey guys we just purchased a 15 Wildcat trail and are gonna be putting a snorkel on it. What is everyone using and where did you purchase it? Thanks in advance for any feedback. Derek
  2. DDrake

    buying a used SxS for the wife.

    Hey guys we are lookin for a SxS for my wife. We have it narrowed down to either a wilcat trail or a rzr trail. Lookin to buy used although there are some good deals on new units at the moment. If we get a rzr it will probably be the 800 just because of price and availability. Looking for pros...
  3. DDrake

    Hair Massacre

    Hi All. My 13 yr old son has decided to take part in Hair Massacre again this year to help raise awareness and some cash for children coping with life threatening illnesses. All monies raised will go to Northern Alberta Make
  4. DDrake

    Riding today...

    Anyone goin riding today from or around Edmonton. Got the day off and was gonna take my 12 yr old boy to BUMP but they are closed for maintenance.
  5. DDrake

    Primary Spring for 2013 Proclimb...

    Hey guys I am thinkin of replacing stock primary spring with a Dalton green and white spring. I ride locally lots with the family and want to make it a little softer on the bottom end. I think the finish rate on the Dalton is the same as the stock spring so I wouldn't have to mess around with...
  6. DDrake

    Goggle Warmer on 2013 Proclimb.

    Hey guys I bought a new to me proclimb late last season. I am not happy with the goggle bag in front of the handlebars that came with the sled. What are people runnin as an alternative warmer. Pics and any info would be appreciated. TIA Derek
  7. DDrake

    Anyone goin Quaddin in Edmonton area on Sunday.

    Hey guys I just snorkeled my quad and my 11yr old is itchin to try it out. I am free Sunday if anybody wouldn't mind some extra company for a ride. TIA Derek
  8. DDrake

    2013 Proclimb with Speedwerx kit.

    Hey guys. I just bought a 2013 proclimb with a full speedwerx kit. Sled was supposed to have a PCV fuel controller but it doesn't. I just bought the controller but I am clueless when it comes to selecting and downloading the proper fuel map. I do most of my riding locally with my family with a...
  9. DDrake

    2010 M8 Primary Spring

    Hey guy I am thinkin of changing the spring in my primary from the stock spring to an orange/black spring to lower engagement rpm a little to soften the hit a little and hopefully make it easier to putt around at slow speed. Has anyone done this and were you happy with the results? TIA for any...
  10. DDrake

    Chinstrap buckel

    Hey guys I read on here somewhere that there is a type of quicksnap buckle available for the chinstrap on helmets. I can't seem to find em anywhere. Anyone know of somewhere that sells em in Edmonton area? TIA for any info.
  11. DDrake

    Dent in 2 stroke pipe.

    Hey guys I just upgraded our 10 yr old to a cr85 from a kx65. on his very last ride on the kx he dented the pipe. Tried using heat and air pressure to take out dent but rubber just blew apart from the heat. Don't really want to buy a new pipe since he won't be ridin it anymore. Anyone know of...
  12. DDrake

    Dent in 2 stroke pipe.

    Hey guys I just upgraded my 10 yr old to a CR85 from a KX65. On his very last ride on the kx he dented the pipe and I really don't want to buy a new pipe since he won't be riding it anymore. Tried using air pressure and heat to pop the dent out but the rubber just popped from the heat. Anyone...
  13. DDrake

    Direction to riding trails near Vega.

    Hey guys I want to take my 10 yr old riding on some sand trails near Vega but don't really know how to get there. Guy at my work told me about some place called Timmum recreational riding area. Goggled it but came up with nothing. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. DDrake

    2008 M6 Fuel leak.

    Hey guys my wifes 08 M6 will leak fuel when sittin in the garage or trailer but only when full. I can see it dripping out the bottom on the clutch side behind the clutches. Gonna pull the tank off at the end of the season and have a look. Sled runs great so I don't think it is leakin from the...
  15. DDrake

    Broken key in puck lock.

    Hey guys I broke off the key in one of my puck locks on the front door of my trailer. the piece of the key is loose in the lock but to short to grab with a pliers or vice grips. Any ideas about how to get it out would be welcome. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  16. DDrake

    F5 oil light?

    Hey guys we got our boy a new to him 2007 F5 LXR. First couple of rides after about 30 mins the oil light comes on. Shut the machine off,refire it and the light is out. Doesn't come back on and the sled runs fine. The oil is topped up before every ride so low oil level is not it and I am using...
  17. DDrake

    Westlock Trails?

    Anyone been out on the Westlock trails this week? Thinkin about takin the family out that way tomorrow if the highways are fit to drive on. Thanks in advance for any info I get.
  18. DDrake

    F5 Running boards.

    Took my 10 yr old for his first ride on his new to him 2007 F5 LXR. Halfway through the ride footwells had so much snow in them that his feet didn't fit. Anyone know of someone that sells any type of snow eliminator board for this sled?
  19. DDrake

    Synthetic vs Conventional oil.

    Hey everybody I just got my son a 2007 AC f5. Which oil would you run in this sled. Label on jug on sled calls for 50:1 injection oil only but since I run full synthetic in our other sleds I was gonna run full synthetic in this sled as well just for the sake of convenience. Any feedback is...
  20. DDrake

    2008 Phazer 500 secondary adjustment?

    Hey guys I just bought my son a 2008 phazer 500. Put a new belt on it and noticed that it is sitting really low in the secondary clutch after I ran it on the stand. Shut the machine off,turn the track by hand and the belt rises up to where it looks like it should sit. Is there any way to adjust...
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