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  1. Complexd

    800 Khaos Brake Light Not Working

    Last few trips my tail light has not been illuminating when I pull the lever. The parking bake dash light has been very spotty as well, not coming on half the time or sometimes staying on the for very long periods of times even when the lever isn’t pressed. Tail light has not got brighter...
  2. Complexd

    Alberta Avid Products Dealer?

    Who deals Avid products in Alberta? I want to try their new bumper but exchange and shipping always gets a guy up here...
  3. Complexd

    Not Pulling RPMs - Motor Mount Issue?

    New clutch weights & blue/pink spring in primary, new cleaned belt set to the right deflection, new top end, new reeds, put stock can back on. I cannot pull proper rpm on my 13 pro. If the track is completely trenching it gets like 7800 rpm maybe. If i start wheeling I can get it to kiss 8050. I...
  4. Complexd

    Superclamp Deck Hook Mounting

    Hey guys, first winter running Superclamps on my deck. Center hook seemed pretty easy to instal, but what should I do for the side ones? There are no support tubes running where I think the hooks should be installed. Is running it through the 1/2” plywood sufficient?
  5. Complexd

    Ortovox 3+ Recall

    Just a heads up all Ortovox 3+ beacons running firmware 2.1 got recalled. Don't waste any time on sending them in as Ortovox emailed me saying it was a 6 week turnaround at their facility. It took 1 week to ship and probably will take 1-2 weeks to ship back. The very last number that appears...
  6. Complexd

    13 Pro Fix Kit Install - Still Not Running Right

    Just put in a fix kit in my 13 pro 800 using Wossner pistons. Never have ripped into a sled like that before and took us a couple tries to install and seal the injectors properly but everything appears to be good now. Started the sled up and it is running like garbage still. Doesnt quite sound...
  7. Complexd

    2017 Polaris Live Unveiling
  8. Complexd

    Are Snow Bikes Fun?

    Im not looking for a big blow up or anything, but just gauging a few opinions from people who have rode both: snowbike and a sled. I have a 12 kawi 450 i have considered putting a timbersled kit on to have both options, but its obviously a decent chunk of change. I see a lot of the fun in...
  9. Complexd

    Spark Plug Boot Cleaning

    Just doing a little maintenance on my 2013 Pro this morning. Pulled the spark plug boots off and man were they dirty. Whats the best way to clean the inside of the boots and the metal contact point at the top without harming anything? Would using brake clean and a Q-Tip be okay?
  10. Complexd

    Is A Headlight Delete Worth It?

    Just wanting to see what peoples first hand experience with HL delete kits. I would imagine the venting would be much better as heat rises, inturn having slightly better performance maybe. My real concern is how big of a saftey hazard is it? I do ride a bit at home when we have snow, but mostly...
  11. Complexd

    Do Doos need specific scratchers?

    My old man just bought a new 16 163 3" and forgot to pick up a set of scratchers for it. We have no time to stop at a doo dealer before our trip, but will be able to stop at a Polaris dealer. Will any set of generic (Polaris) scratchers work? I seen some that clip on to the running boards so...
  12. Complexd

    13 Pro Oil Pump/Cap

    After years of riding my dads hand me downs I finally bought a sled I could call mine, 13 pro limited edition 1000 miles. I know this issue has been discussed a bunch but I can't find any clear instructions on exactly how to fix the oil cap venting problem. I have been doing lots of research...
  13. Complexd

    Best Camera Angles?

    The motocross helmet i use for sledding has a big crease in the middle not allowing me to put my GoPro right in the middle. Whats the best GoPro setup/angle without having the weight be too unbalanced? Ive seen some people drill their chin vents out and make a mount there that looks pretty...
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