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  1. tasco

    1994 Polaris Indy Super Sport

    Thinking of selling this older or almost classic Sled 440 fan cooled. It would make a great stubble jumper. We even had it out to the Fernie area several times years past. its not getting enough use. Just got it back form the shop for a carb rebuild and a few other minor issues. but it runs...
  2. tasco

    Riding areas around Fernie

    I ride Fernie every Saturday now. I normally play along coal trail but when I read the groom report I see that Harvy pass, coal train, Martin creek and hills entry are groomed. I know about coal trail and Harvy pass, but where do Martin creek and hills entry start? I can not find them on the...
  3. tasco

    2009 assault vs 2008 xp

    I've got a choice to make. I can buy both sleds for the same money so that is not the issue. What's the better machine. The assault has 300 miles on it whith all the updates and flashes plus a can, and the xp has 600 miles on it not much for extras forgot to check under the hood. There is to...
  4. tasco

    Three Sisters area

    Everyone always talks about the notch, Wranglers Cabin, and Rolling Hills. But I never hear about the Three sisters area just north of Fernie. What's it like, and is it worth checking out on my weekly trips into Fernie. Since I always go solo for a few hours during the day, I hav'nt...
  5. tasco

    Tall seat for 1999 700 RMK

    I decided that I need a tall seat for my 700 RMK, the stock one is to low. I was wondering if a take of seat from a newer sled would work. or mayby there are some aftermarket seats available.
  6. tasco

    Exhaust question for 2004 D-max

    My 2004.5 D-max just came of warrenty 156000 km. Best truck I own. was wondering if cutting our all of the emissions stuff from the exhasut will help the performance and fuel economy of the truck. I run a Van Aaken chip set to medium and get approximatly 600 - 700 km out of a tank of Diesel (...
  7. tasco

    Revelstoke Avalanche at Keystone

    This is a Cut and paste from a post on Snow West. I don't know if it is appropriate or not. Mod's you may remove this thread if you like. My condolences to all the the family that lost a member. And my prayers go out to you. Also to all those that were involved in the rescue I am sure that...
  8. tasco

    2005 900 Rmk

    Some one wants to sell me this sled, " 2005 900 RMK " take mine on partial trade. I want to know if this is generaly a good sled. It's a very tempting offer. The machine is in A1 condition 161 track. only mod is a can 2200 miles. I just want to know if this is a good polaris model, how...
  9. tasco

    Golden or Revy Feb 16

    My wife gave me permission to go sledding Sat. My plan is to go to B. C. Friday Afternoon spend the night and sled all day Saturday, possibly 1/2 day on sunday. Problem is I've never been there before. I would like to meet up with a group of people going there and join them. I drive a...
  10. tasco

    Etherington Creek Staging Area

    This is a Mapsource file. It has a The Staging Area for Etherington Creek on it plus the route that I took to the Oldman River. I will update the map everytime that I go there to play in the snow
  11. tasco

    Cattaract Creek.

    Planning to go for a ride tomorrow. Sled is on the truck. Wondering if anyone wants to tag along for the ride. My tenative riding buddy backed out on me, so as of now I'm going solo Don't know when I am leaving High River probably around 9 am. Think I will only be doing trails just to check...
  12. tasco

    Provincial Snow Reports

    I found these two sites I don't know where they should go, mayby a moderator can find a good home for them. Automatic Snow Pillow (ASP) Plots of Snow Water - for British Columbia Inertacive B.C. map linking to different weather stations showing snow loads Here is the same thing for Alberta...
  13. tasco

    Kananaskis snomoblile trail links

    Found these links. They may be of use to K-country sledders Kananaskis Snomoblie trail conditions Kananaskis Country Trail reports
  14. tasco

    Thinking of building a sled deck

    as the title say's I'm thinking of building a sled deck to fit in my Chev 04 crewcab shortbox d-max, don't feel like spending the money on a new alluninum deck. I'm looking for pictures of some decks out there (on the ground not in the truck) , and if anyone has built thier own. I need some...
  15. tasco

    Back in the game

    Thought I would say Hi and introduce myself, found this site by luck and noticed that a bunch of the members are from the Southern Alberta area, just bought a sled, after 8 years of not riding Idecided it was time to try and see if I like it, I know I will. I purchased a 1999 Polaris 700 RMK...
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