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  1. Complexd

    More sled weights

    20 lbs loss with a can and battery is impressive
  2. Complexd

    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2021 2022

    Not trying to pull away from conditions and and its probably been asked a bunch of times but cant seem to find much on here. What's the deal on accommodations in Vale with the pipeline crews in town? Can a guy still book rooms with 4-5 day notice? Is Mcbride having the same lodging issues?
  3. Complexd

    Shell Advance Snow Ultra

    CT is a scam. I notice that with almost all of their fluids (oils, cleaning solution, etc) it is cheaper at Walmart, even when on sale
  4. Complexd

    The real reason the matryx boost is delayed!!

    Yea Chris was replying the same cookie cutter message to everyone noticing the lag "its still on break in, clutching is to heavy blah blah" the thing looked like chit hahah
  5. Complexd

    Polaris ambassadors are saying the NA is the way to go!

    I agree with everything you said, but also I think a more capable machine (turbo, newer chassis, longer track, etc) can improve your riding skills quicker than trying how to "master" a POS. My one buddy was a combination of scared and lazy of trying anything on his first mountain sled because...
  6. Complexd

    Sled Deck Pros and Cons

    I have an older Cross Trax model. I replaced the under deck and marker lights first winter I got it, other than that it has been an awesome investment. What kind of a truck do you have? Not sure if the new Cross Trax models are adjustable but mine sticks up above my box rails a good 3-4" and...
  7. Complexd

    Talk about a FLOP

    Snowwest did bring up a good point on their IG saying they are lucky to still be a company with the Textron thing and the ski-doo lawsuits so good on them for still releasing something "new" I guess?
  8. Complexd

    SpY vs SpY !! FaKE NeWs and iTs REAL !! WE ARE LYNX !! TRUE LiES !!

    I thought I seen a post this weekend the Lynx boards were actually narrower than the doo ones? Did I get the two sleds mixed up?
  9. Complexd

    800 Khaos Brake Light Not Working

    I'll take a look tonight thanks buddy
  10. Complexd

    800 Khaos Brake Light Not Working

    There are fuses for the 800s? Had a buddy try telling me it was just an 850 thing?
  11. Complexd

    800 Khaos Brake Light Not Working

    Last few trips my tail light has not been illuminating when I pull the lever. The parking bake dash light has been very spotty as well, not coming on half the time or sometimes staying on the for very long periods of times even when the lever isn’t pressed. Tail light has not got brighter...
  12. Complexd

    1971 Snow Cruiser

    A rotary engine in a sled? Tell me more that sounds nuts haha
  13. Complexd

    Hey Maxwell!

    We better go tell the goons on Alberta Sledders they can go this weekend too! Seems like no one on that page wants to go see conditions for themselves. They just wait for pictures of deep pow before making the "trek" out west smh lol
  14. Complexd

    Poker rally

  15. Complexd


    Who would of thought after such a good snow year in Alberta last year! Win some lose some, welcome to S&M buddy
  16. Complexd

    Covid blues Post up your 850s, 800s

    New to me 2020 800. Fully clipped track and a muff pot on the stock can is all I need. Massive upgrade for me after getting off this pile
  17. Complexd

    BLUE RIVER Conditions, Updates and Rad Stuff 2020/2021

    Snowed Saturday night in Blue. Woke up to maybe 3" of fresh at the hotel. Maybe gained another inch or two on the way up the trail but not much
  18. Complexd

    BLUE RIVER Conditions, Updates and Rad Stuff 2020/2021

    Guys stay pretty quiet in here hey? lol Another awesome weekend in Blue River. Rode Clemina Friday, Coulees Sat, and Red Sands yesterday. Like always, goat trail was tracked but rode fresh snow all weekend and sunshine Fri Sat. Can’t complain about that
  19. Complexd

    Alberta Avid Products Dealer?

    Who deals Avid products in Alberta? I want to try their new bumper but exchange and shipping always gets a guy up here...
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