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  1. ice auger

    Is your wife / girlfriend hot or cold?

    Ok now that I have your attention.....what riding gear are the ladies buying? My wife is extremely cold ALL the time and it sometimes can cut the day down for riding. Right now she has a Polaris jacket and bibs which are ok but looking for options.....any suggestions?
  2. ice auger

    oh chit there is no one from MN here

    yea no one here.....
  3. ice auger

    Options for coolant tank mod

    I have a 2002 Polaris XCSP 700 and it has that retard plastic coolant tank. The cap is destroying the lip of the tank and is slightly leaking antifreeze. Anybody have a better option?
  4. ice auger

    all mods have animal names.....

    I think this website has gone the way of PETA.....All the mods have animal names...... Bunny Bigfoot catmando ok summitrick does not....maybe he miss typed and meant summitbear. Just teasing the mods today......hehehehehehhe Ice :beer:
  5. ice auger

    Ice auger joins this chain gang

    Hey to party and post.......down with whitey
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