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  1. Mcstuck87

    Restaurants in Vale

    I am not good with the Tapatalk app. So pardon the ignorance when it comes to searching. Coming to vale from Alberta and wanting to eat out at the caribou. Can we have just a negative test result and ID or is it no jab no food?
  2. Mcstuck87

    Skidoo gen 4 600rs primary

    Where oh where could my baby be?! Looking for a 600rs primary to throw on my xm. Anybody know where I could find one?!?! TIA!
  3. Mcstuck87

    Oil all over my belt drive

    Accidentally spilt oil all down my belt on my c3. It was brand new. Curious if I have fawked it. I wiped it off but still had some residual oil on it . Should I just replace it or run it
  4. Mcstuck87

    Big wheel kit

    Sooo on a 154 t3, can you fit a 10” billet big wheel kit in it or is 9” all a guy can doo?
  5. Mcstuck87

    16 800 etec

    Anyone have the torque specs schematics for the lever axles on the primary. I can’t find the torque specs. And red or blue loctite?
  6. Mcstuck87

    2009 Yamaha rhino 700 spark issue

    Sooooo when I connect the battery cables to the battery, the dash stays on regardless if the key is in the ignition or out ( thought ignition was shorted). But non the less it won’t start. Now with some trouble shooting we discovered when we disconnect the coil power and the key is in the off...
  7. Mcstuck87

    C3 belt drive

    Hey guys, I bought a new never installed belt drive for xm t3. Some parts were missing but speciality Motorsports got me the missing stuff. My question is, how close is your tension wheel to the inner case. My tensioner wheel bolt head was contacting the inner case causing a score mark and would...
  8. Mcstuck87

    Doo Linq Slim vs MtnPro

    Looking for some first hand experiences with the 2 newer bags the Linq slim has the shovel attachment on the outside and the MtnPro is now black with 2 waterproof compartments. Looking for - Pros and Cons -Wearability -Dryness
  9. Mcstuck87


    So I have the composite decking “infiniboard” on my deck. It was supposed to be replaced under warranty as it’s cracked, but never was replaced after multiple calls. And now mline is closed. Does anyone know his source or contact for the decking? Looking for the composite not a plywood hybrid...
  10. Mcstuck87

    Can’t find a intake anywhere fackkkkk

    Does anyone here have a new or used aerocharger intake snorkel and the thermal blanket. Looked everywhere, aerocharger doesn’t make them anymore anddddd I have no idea where to look any further Thanks for any feedback
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