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    Power valve cables

    I checked my PVC and found them out of adjustment both were to short and not the same. The proper adjustment is 36.5mm. The reason i checked them is my 20 had a bit of erratic throttle between 4500-5500. I didn't have time to test ride it to see if the issue is gone but either way the adjustment...
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    2018 Cat Engine

    We have all been hearing rumors for a while now on the new engine or engines from AC. I started this to get everybody's ideas, wants and predictions out there. Please keep this post positive, as in Alberta now we have enough real problems and lots of goverment help that we can comment on if...
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    2014 Snow check

    I am thinking of a snow check for a new sled. Anyone else if so what are you checkin? I am thinking a 162 le orange and black. I really like what Cat has done for next year just need to ride one first. I rode a 2013 pro and really liked it. I almost fell off in the first 5 feet but after that I...
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    1997 powder special jet chart

    looking for a jet chart.
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    2011 Ranger

    Does anyone know when the 2011 Rangers will be out? Or if there are any big changes. Thanks
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    2010 Ranger 800

    Does anyone know the rated hp engine rpm? The hp is 46 but at what rpm? Thinking of buying one and all comments from owners or anybody thats been around them would be apprecieted.
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    utv cages

    First post here love the site. I have been looking at utvs and was leaning toward the Ranger mainly because it has seating for three. But after looking at the cage on that unit i was not impressed as it looks way to weak, so i started looking in to other units long story short the Terex is the...
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