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    Niton Junction Poker Derby - Saturday Sept. 6. - Who's going?

    Anyone going to this or have you gone to it in the past? How was it? Thinking about going.
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    2010 Nytro....

    Well I've been on a Ski-doo since 2001, and now jumped ship. I'm not into bashing or want any bashing. My main reason for posting this is to see all the guys that are riding a Yamaha Nytro, and reading about some of the things they have changed on their sled. I've also got the turbo coming, so...
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    Nytro MTX Handlebar Riser/Angle Block

    Hey, was in McBride this past weekend and a guy had a handlebar riser block that changed the angle on his existing set up for a 2010 Nytro MTX. If anyone knows where i can find this type of product let me know. it looked good, and it beats changing out the steering post. Thanks.
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    R & R Trailers

    Hey just wondering if anyone has purchased one of these trailers and what there opinions are on them. How was the fit and finish along with quality. Any experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    nytro rpm low-need help!

    Hey got a nytro mtx 153 that's reving to 7400 rpm on a climb. How can I get more and what's it supposed to be? In valemount right now and would like to fix the issue. Any help would be great.
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    2009 Summit X - For Sale

    Hey, have a 2009 Summit x 800 163". PM me for details if interested. Must sell to get new sled.
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    2010 Nytro 162 SE

    Hey I'm interested in buying a 2010 Nytro 162 SE, but looking for the best price and service. I don't want to create a war on here, so please PM me the price. Thank you.
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    Eagles Accident

    Hey, there was a group of us that were in Sicamous over the christmas break, and we rode Owls Head the one day. When back in the parking lot, we were talking to the parking lot attendant, and his CB Radio went off. Word had it a guy broke his back. As time went on, it was announced that Search...
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    Fuel in BC?

    Hey, so rumor has it that BC is putting in or has already put in the bylaw, that you can no longer fuel your sleds in an enclosed trailer. Has anyone else heard this, or is it in affect already in BC?
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    Dynamoe Joe Clutch Kit

    Hey, I've heard that there is a dealer for these clutch kits in Alberta. Just wondering if anyone knows who and where they are. thanks
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    Sled Wraps...

    So im thinking of changing the color of my sled, or just puttin on a sled wrap. I've looked around on the net, and everything seems to have skulls in it for graphics. Just want to see what people have done to their sleds, and if they've got a link to some nice decal kits. Thanks!
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    If you had a choice...

    So every year, we all get excited when the manufactures come out with the 'new line' of snowmobiles. Once its all said and done, some say, "why this?" "why that?" or "thats awesome!" If you had the choice to design a factory realistic snowmobile, what would it be? What would you want for colors...
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    Welding Jobs

    Hey, I'm currently in the hunt for a new welding job in Edmonton and area. If anyone knows of any openings, i would greatly appreciate it. Feel free to PM if need be. Thanks!
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    Group buy on BOSS Seats

    Anyone doing it, or interested in starting a group buy. Might be able to save a bit of coin. im interested in one, along with another one for another guy. Let me know what ya think. Might not even have to be an XP, just a boss seat in general. If we get enough interest and demand, i will look...
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    07 Banshee for sale

    Sorry, decided i ain't gonna give it away, so will turn into a project.
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    Polaris Rzr's

    Hey for your Rzr, what kind of suspension set up do you folks have set up. Mine sags alot, and im gonna tighten it up. Anyone recommend a lift kit? Also, anyone running a clutch kit, and which one? i have 27" tires on now. And for an air box mod, who is using what.
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    Hey, who all is running these bikes, and what ya got done to them?
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    Polished Tunnel

    If interested in having you snowmobile tunnel polished message me. Thanks. *have some pictures on profile.
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    Polished Tunnel

    Polished Snowmobile Tunnels Hey guys. Im currently offering the chance to have your snowmobile tunnel polished. I have uploaded some photos of the work I've done, and will be getting more pictures. Please feel free to contact me via private message and we can work something out. Im Located in...
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    09 800R Primary Clutch, has this happened to you?

    09 800R primary clutch removal. Ya sounds simple. But have any of you guys tried pulling off the primary clutch, and the clutch pullers shears off inside clutch? Well it's happened to me moments ago. Sled still in the garage, with the primary still on motor, and well i have part of the exploded...
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